Saturday, March 19

To Pierce or Not ?

While I am no longer as pierced as what I once was I am still a somewhat silent support of body jewelry. I say somewhat as I must admit there are some piercings that I have looked at and questioned why but I guess each to their own.

I have had more than just my ears pierced, though now it is only earrings I wear. Two out of three DD have their ears pierced. I do plan on DD3 getting hers done I am just not sure when it will be. I have to wait and see how she feels about it. I don't think I could really get it done much before two but at this point it is totally a wait and see. DD1 got her's done at about two and a half and DD2 was a few days before her second birthday.

Both of them wanted to get them done and were happy to go through with it. On both occasions there were only a few tears and no infections. In fact both the girls took perfect care of their new decorations. I would simply spray the lovely cold solution on and they would happily turn the earrings themselves. We may have done it nearly 100 times in the first 24 hours but hey at least they were always clean.

Now I must say that neither of them exactly asked of their own accord if they could have earrings. But once the idea was put in their head they were more than keen. They both had a fascination with my earrings, continually playing with my pretty ears. I would ask them if they would like their own pretty ears. Naturally they said yes.

I explained that it would hurt, but not a lot, it would be more of a surprise and much like getting their injection needles. Since they were such brave girls then getting their ears pierced would be a walk in the park. Especially since the end result would be sparkling little stones at the bottom of their ear lobes. They still agreed that they wanted earrings.

I can honestly say that on both occasions I felt more pride in my daughters than words can explain. They just sat calmly on my lap and got on with what had to be done. They did say that they weren't sure if they really wanted their ears pierced after all. I told them that was fine but we would then have to take out the one that was already in. After a bit of thought they both decided they still wanted to go through with the second ear, which made me more than a little pleased as at the end of the day I wanted my daughters to have earrings. To me female ears just don't look right without earrings.

However just because I like earrings does not mean I would be able to be fully supportive if in the future they decide that ears are not enough. On particular people I think that other facial can be particularly appealing. My favourite place to see a hunk of metal pierce the skin is towards the outer end of the eyebrow. Time will only tell how I will feel about the DD's getting anything other than their ears pierced though. At this stage I think I am not going to be a fan.

DD1 has at times put a little diamonte type sticker on her nose and pretended that it was in fact a nose stud and it has driven me insane. I hate it with a passion and vengeance and I don't really know why. I try with all my might not to let her see my disdain for it as I worry in some rebellious teenage stage she will get it down for real and that is not a path I really want either of us to walk.

So what about you? Do your girls have pierced ears?


  1. I am afraid I have to giggle since I know which bits you once had pierced! My eldest has her ears done and got them at 4 when she asked of her own accord. DD2 will get the same, although she is already asking. I too have had more than my ears done over the years but now only have ear rings. My problem is that I also have a tattoo and the girls know full well that it is there. Not too sure how I will handle that in the future!

  2. yes nothing like being young and foolish is there, must say you surprised me with the tattoo, not something I could ever do there, the whole forever thing is a bit much for me, given how frequently I change my mind, but since a few family members have a few tatt's that could also prove a bit tricky later on as the girls already think they are cool.


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