Thursday, March 24

Not in an ad break

After many attempts I have realised that it is not exactly easy to write a coherent blog post in the space of an ad break. In fact even using a succession of breaks does not work to well either. I kept telling myself that as a mother I should be an expert at multi tasking but this time it just doesn't fit.

I have been suckered into the teenage feel good 10 Things I Hate About You The young Heath Ledger is quite easy on the eye in some ways, though I am sure my main attraction to him is that he is an Aussie (always a patriot). But back to the movie. I just love the way that the life of an American teenager is portrayed. Everything is just so well....perfect. Though it is like a surface perfect so I guess it it not really perfect.

Anyway now that the movie is over I have the perfect opportunity to write only of course it is nearly too late and it won't be long till the baby starts to stir. I think she may be growing a few more teeth as she is a little unsettled. Now that the super moon has been and gone I can't blame her restlessness on that.

As always I have been thinking a great deal about the blog and how it should take form. Today I toyed with the idea of starting reviews. I have done a few in the past over at Helium (ok one) and they are not too bad in terms of being easy to write but I am not sure if I could continually think of things to review....

(deep sigh)

Today felt like a hive of activity and I am rather glad it has passed. Well it seemed like a hive of activity but really there was not a lot to it. Just lots of driving really. Lots of to-ing and fro-ing, passing past the same places way to many times in the one day. It almost felt like I was just doing a perpetual circle of dropping people/things off and picking things/people up.

Drop kids off at school, visit mum, do a lunch delivery, try to go shopping pick sick child up, visit mum again, home to rest sick child, back to school pick up other child, home again, back to mum, then school meeting then hockey training that wasn't on....grrrr....finally home

Tomorrow will be a definite at home day I think

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