Friday, March 25

Come on Baby Just Ride With Me

That is the line from my new CD that is continually playing in my head. Well when I say my new CD I mean the Meatloaf CD Hang Cool Teddy Bear that my mum kindly purchased for my recent birthday. I say purchased because I suggested it would be a great present and then proceeded to drive her to the shops so she could get it. Once at the shops I then went and found it and gave it to DD3 to hand it to mum.

In case you are wondering it is an awesome CD, especially if you are a Meatloaf fan. In fact I can not begin to explain just how much I love, love, love it. But then that is how all his music makes me feel. Always has and by lord I hope it always will. His music just seems to take me away to another place. Somewhere a little rough and uncouth yet still safe and beautiful. I put this down to the songs and their lyrics.

Meatloaf has a history of his music telling a story and this addition to the collection is no exception. Each song as a tale to tell in it's own right and then they can be pieced together to form a bigger picture. When you listen closely to the lines some of them are actually quite touching
You know that I'll give you all the love that I have

If it wasn't for you there would be no me

When they knock you down, you gotta get back up again

I could go on almost forever but I am sure you get the drift. If you are interested in reading more about the lyrics have a look over here

As I may have already mentioned I have been a Meatloaf fan since a very early age. For the greater part of my life though I have kept my love locked away. While I struggle to understand it, but apparently not everyone is of the same opinion as me. In fact some have never even heard of this iconic superstar. (If this applies to you check this out) After getting tired of continually explaining who he was I decided it best if I just locked my love away and didn't mention it on a regular basis.

Of course since getting the new CD on Wednesday I have listened to nothing else. Already the girls and I have lines and nearly songs memorised and are constantly humming tunes when the CD is unable to be heard. Naturally I have not been able to hold off on sharing my appreciation of this great gift and to my surprise today I finally came across another fan. Actually this was the second fellow fan in nearly as many months, which honestly to me is nearly unheard of. Especially since the woman today has actually seen Meatloaf live in concert. I am only just a little jealous. That would be like a dream come true.

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