Monday, March 14


To all the wonderful people that have shown me kindness towards my writing I want to say a big thanks! Last night I went to bed with a mere nine people liking the FB page for this blog, only to check in this morning to have hit the 23 mark. By early evening I am at just below 30 and absolutely astounded.

I mean I know a few of them are dubious and there possibly by force (ie family and polietness) but there are also a few people on the list that I don't know. Which let me tell you I am more than just a little excited about.

Of course I must admit that with the new somewhat visible readership I do feel a little nervous. I feel a slight pressure knowing now that people think I am wittyor interesting or any of the other lovely things that have been said about me. What if suddenly I lose it and become dull and boring?

(deep gulp)

(deep breath) (short sigh)

Fingers crossed that doesn't happen and instead the momentum can grow and I shall one day prosper. Seriously though I sincerely appreciate everyone who stops by and has a read. Feel free to comment at any time, I really do get a buzz out of knowing who stops by.

Also I am interested in some suggested post topics. I often have the opportunity to write but sometimes my mind is blank so having a list of suggestions could be rather handy.

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