Monday, March 28

Meatless Monday

The wonderful Nicole over at From Highlights to Housework has started a link in with the theme of Meatless Monday's. Now to be quite truthful there would be a revolt in this house if I said we were going meatless once a week. My family is very happy in the carnivore category. However what they don't know won't hurt them.

You see if a meatless dish is just placed before them they will devour it in an instant. (Hunger is said to have that effect on people) Yet if they were to be told that they were venturing down the path to vegetarian there would be protests and false claims in the hope that I would cease to consider feeding them such food. So tonight we will be dining a very yummy cheese mac served with a side salad (and if I had of thought of it a bit earlier garlic bread)

Now I know that there are some wonderful (sic) boxes that you can get microwavable cheesy mac, but I don't have a microwave and making your own is really really simple.

4 eggs
cream/milk (about 250ml in total use one or both)
300 grams grated cheese

Cook pasta as per normal, only drain and remove from heat 2 minutes earlier
Beat together eggs, cream and cheese.
Pour over pasta while still in saucepan, mix in
Gently heat saucepan while stirring. Continue to cook until egg mixture is no longer runny and is sticking to pasta.
Remove from heat and serve

Optional extras for the pasta include peas and corn (not very popular with some here) and if it weren't for being a Meatless Monday recipe some fried bacon and onion and garlic are a nice touch.

The salad tonight will probably be a bit boring, just lettuce, baby spinach leaves, cucumber, and tomato. The kidlets are such pasta fans that is all they will probably eat so the salad is really more for me. Which means I am thinking the corn and peas I didn't add to the pasta can go in the salad!

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