Friday, January 25

Things I Know Early In The Morning

Well kind of anyway. It possibly should have been called A whole bunch of random things I know but I kinda did that the other week and I didn't want to bore you all with the same title again. Plus I am sure by the time I actually finish writing this post it will actually be early in the morning.

How can I be so sure of this you ask? The fact that it is currently 11:58PM gives it away really.

But enough of the drivel because Friday is nearly upon us and we all know that Friday here at A Parenting Life is all about flogging your blogging and sharing what you know. Plus I am tired and more than ready for bed but I have made myself a little promise to blog everyday so here I am.

I know that the post I wrote yesterday (which was actually only about half hour ago from when I am writing this to maybe my little promise to myself might be better off it was to appear as if I have blogged every day) will probably not actually get read by as many people as I think it should.

I know that posting at nearly midnight is pretty pointless unless you plan on linking it up somewhere and promoting the hell out of it on social media the next day. Yet I still do it. Far to often.

I know that it is with mixed feelings we return to school on Tuesday. I do really love having the girls around, they are the loveliest of company but they do hold me back from doing somethings.

I know that going to the Wave Pool today was a brilliant idea. It was the perfect way to wind down the holidays. And celebrate a lovely friends birthday. And spend time with my beautiful sister.
How could hanging out here not be a brilliant idea?
I know that I am super thankful for a few little opportunities that have been thrown my way of late. If all goes to plan I should have enough funds to get my #DPCON13 ticket! Oh so excited.

I know that when I started this post it was just going to be short and sweet due to the stupidness of the time and the few little opportunities that I just mentioned.

I know that if I didn't have said little opportunity then this post would actually be about politics and how I feel terribly wronged by Julia. Wronged so much that I now don't know who I want to swear my political allegiance to at the next election. Never fear though I am pretty sure that post will still surface in the not too distant future. Which I just know you are waiting for with baited breath.

I know that I do love joining in with Grace, Miss Cinders and all the crews on a Friday

Things I Know