Friday, January 4

Things I Know - A rather random collection

Things I KnowNormally I like to have a bit of a theme to the Things I Know. Or at least a common thread that ties everything all together.

This week there is none of that.

In fact this week the first thing I know is that the only thing that any of the things I know I have in common today is the fact that I know them.

I know that the "rules" of blogging generally say you should only post once a day and that I have already posted today.

I know I say rules schmules. Writing another blog post is a much more appealing option than the housework. Plus sometimes (not often) I feel a little rude linking the one post up to two different hosts. This week both my favourite Friday memes can have their own post. After all it is the new year.

I know that not having to fight with Miss Eleven regarding her bedtime for the next two weeks is the silver lining to her going away.

I know that I love all the people who have decided to start year long projects. Denise, Thea and Tracey I am thinking of you three in particular.

I know that I am pleased to have started The Happiness Jar

I know that the fact Mr Awesome's happy for yesterday was coming home to a cleaner than normal house, signifies that I should perhaps try just a little harder in that department on a more regular basis.

I know that is probably not going to happen.

I know that baking these little beauties was a great idea. I just wished I had of checked I had something to ice them with first. Can't win them all I guess.

I know that I am quite looking forward to seeing how the internal M&M's work out in the muffins.

I know I wish Mr Awesome didn't have to work tomorrow (again). As lovely as the extra money may be, it would be pretty nice to have a whole weekend without work.

I know that I need to increase my understanding and patiences when dealing with my mother.

I know that is easier said than done.

I know talking to one of my dad's old friends yesterday was incredibly emotional. Not just cause it reminded me dad was no longer here (not that I actually forget) but because she is about to embark on the journey that is fighting cancer. Thankfully at this stage it appears as if she will only need radiation treatment and not chemotherapy.

I know my sister having to postpone her visit for two weeks is beyond incredibly sucky. We were all so excited about it. Especially since it meant her bubba, my nephew, would have been here for his first birthday celebrations.

I know that there is much I want to change about the blog. Graphics I want to create, things I want to do, ideas that need to come to fruition. What I don't know is how to find the time to make it all happen. Suggestions please?

I know that is is probably enough for one post and you should head on over to the lovely Miss Cinders and check out all the things everyone else knows