Tuesday, January 22

Why did you unlike me?

Well won't you look at that, Tuesday has suddenly rolled around again and here were are once more with the bloggy loving that is #IBOT.

What's that?

You are new here and you have never heard of #IBOT!
Well grab your beverage of choice, settle in and put your feet up and I will tell you all about the joys of #IBOT while I ease the troubles within that I have this fine day.

Hosted by the ever lovely EssentiallyJess, #IBOT stands for I Blog On Tuesday and withoutis one of the most popular linky's in the Australian blogosphere. It is an open topic meme with the only requisite really being that the post you link up is fresh off the publish button that Tuesday.

The greatest thing about it though is the comment love and sense of community. It is also a great way to discover some great posts. Doing the rounds of #IBOT posts each week really feels like spending time with friends. Warm, caring and obviously sharing kind of friends, united by the love of blogging. Bloggy buddies if you will.

Some of my bloggy buddies have even sent Facebook friend requests to me. Which was kind of lovely. It meant that when I logged into the blog's Facebook page the number of friends that liked me jumped up. Well, went up by one. Which of course is always a nice feeling. As superficial and silly as it may be there are times when I am all about the numbers. Well not all about the numbers, but I would be lying if I said they didn't matter.

Because they do.

And as lovely as it is to see that number go up it is twice as awful to see it go down. As I did just recently. My numbers are all fairly stagnant, which is fine, I am may not be gaining at vast knots but at least I am not losing either. So when I do lose someone I notice.

Generally I can never be too sure who I lose, as there are hundreds of possibilities, only this time I do. You know because they are friend and all, so that kind of narrow's it down.

The questions I put to you dear reader is,

should I

  1. confront my supposed blogging buddy and ask them why, when they know only too well what the fickle land of Facebook likers is like, they unliked my page,

  2. should I take the more drastic measure of just cutting my losses and defriending them altogether and forgetting it ever happened
Anyway now that is out in the open let's get back to reading some awesome posts. Just click the button below