Monday, January 14

I have a new love

Last week there was something that I just had to tell you and I am glad I did. The support and encouragement that I received was heart warming. And it is with some of those kind words in mind that I write now.

As so many rightly pointed out for as much as I may have stopped doing somethings, there are many more that I have slowly kept slogging away at. Like this little old blog, like the fact I am no longer a smoker, like my running. And that is to name but a few.

Perhaps a better confession would be to being prone to exaggeration, bending the truth and fancying oneself as a bit of a story teller? But then you guys probably know all that all ready?

While we are being all open and chatty though I would like to make wee little confession regarding my feelings. Lately I have been feeling a little misunderstood. Posts that I expected to leave readers in stitches have had far from that effect. Instead I read through the well meant comments and wonder if my readers think I have a few self esteem issues.

Perhaps I do?

While on the one hand I walk around happily in a cloud of disillusionment where I am ecstatically happy with all facets of my being, the other is always wait to slap reality back into view. In between all of that I can still see flaws and areas for self improvement. Some say that is just natural though.

However the real contradiction occurs in the manner in which I am diligently outfit planning for my time in Sydney in March for the highly anticipated #DPCON13. One must always ensure one is dressed appropriately when mixing and mingling with society at large. This little backyard bush girl doesn't want to be standing out for all the wrong reasons when she hangs with the sleek city slickers.

I may have recently purchased a new handbag because I was certain that it would help me create the look that I wanted. The real me generally doesn't care to much for bags one way or the other, let alone allowing them to help create a look. If I have done that then it would be a bit like a secret though because who really has spare cash to blow on things like gorgeous handbags just after Christmas?

Sigh. It is such a beautiful bag though. I can't help but wonder if it is wrong to feel so much happy just for having a bag slung over your shoulder. Albeit a big beautiful green bag that can't help but draw the attention of everyone. I was going to keep it safely locked away till just before I left but I am not sure I am that strong.

It seems wrong to not use such a beauty...

What about you? Have you got a confession? Head on over to My Home Truths and join on in.