Monday, January 7

There is something I need to tell you

Hard to believe that the second week of the year is already upon us. For those wanting to wish your life away there are only fifty weeks left of 2013. Personally though I would rather not think like that. I want to regress to my childhood days where a year seemed like forever.

Isn't it strange how over time, time seems to pass much quicker. I am sure though before long, and right when I don't want it to, things will slow down and the days will drag on. Towards the end of Dad's day's you could see he felt they were dragging.

Today I am joining in with the ever so lovely Kirsty over at My Home Truths and the little linky that she hosts.

Which normally is all taken a bit tongue in check, but today has a rather serious undertone.

You see today I want to confess to something that bothers me quite a lot. It is an innate flaw of my being that I am not sure how to change. I am hoping that by coming clean and owning what I am, that I may actually be able to overcome this terrible affliction.

Deep breath.

For you see dear loyal and much loved readers, I am a quitter.

There I said it.

I am a quit-quitty-quitter.

And not in the I kicked a terrible habit in the bin kind of way either. No nothing as admirable as that at all. No I am talking about the I would rather toss it in the too hard basket and walk away not knowing than actually give it a go and see what happens kind of quitting.


That actually feels a little better.

Though I am guessing it is going to take more than just publicly admitting to continually giving up to overcome this terrible affliction. I am open to suggestions by the way if you happen to have any.

For as long as I can remember I am all about starting, and starting all sorts of things, but I just never seem to get any of them finished. And I have had enough. More than enough.

Some six years ago one of my dearest friends had a baby girl. She asked me to be one of the fairy godmothers. I was over joyed. So much so that I went and started a beautiful Tinkerbell cross stitch. One that is still patiently waiting to be finished as I quit doing it moments before reaching the finishing line.

Three years ago I started making cane baskets and Christmas gifts and two years ago I got a heap of beads and balls in preparation of necklace making. Only none of it happened because I gave up, almost before I even began.

Did you know that I have two half degrees? Not one whole one mind you just two half ones because I am a quitter. Twice over in this instance.

Needless to say new years resolutions and I just don't get along either. I have had the year of the writer, the year of trying, the year to make it matter all without a whole lot success. They all start out with the grandest of plans that manage to fade away to a big fat nothing. Perhaps this year should be the year of quitting?

Are you a quitter?
Have you got a confession to make?