Saturday, August 27

This window has been sitting open staring blankly at me for probably nearly an hour now.  I have for maybe half of that time stared blank back at it.  For the other half I was skyping with my sis and playing dumb fb games.  Speaking of fb (facebook for the uninitiated) I purposely use lower case letters as I think their arrogance of awesomeness  does not deserve capitals.

I have about five different posts that I would like to write right now.  Naturally though, I can not actually find a starting point for any of them at this point in time, So for now you are stuck with this sort of rambling nonsense while I try to gather myself.

I have spent a lot of time lately reading other people's blogs.  It is all part of the linking up love.  (I am pleased to say that I have read and commented on every TIK post from Friday) It is also a great way to see what else is out there.  At times I am in awe of what I see.  Others give me hope that I belong and even have a chance of hitting blogger big time.  One thing I am starting to really become conscious of though is that there may actually be little to no substance to what I am writing and that greatly concerns me. 

(deep sigh and eye rub)

Why is it not easier sometimes?  You know life choices and all that.  I wonder if this is one of those first world problems I have been reading about lately?  

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