Tuesday, August 16

Taste of Tuesday - Makes Me Smile

Yay!! I found a blog hop for Tuesday.  Hosted over at If these Wall these week she is asking for what makes us smile.  Which is lovely, as we should all take the time to think about what makes us smile.

So some of the things that make me smile

  • When great minds think alike (The blog I selected to mention yesterday happened to be the same blog that someone else also mentioned.  Just goes to show what a great blog it is)
  • DD3 successfully using the potty
  • Johnny Cash music
  • Getting comments on my posts.  Seeing new followers and increases in traffic will also bring a smile to my face.
  • The thought of looking at my clean and tidy house (I say thought because the reality is far from clean and tidy because all I want to do is blog or read blogs or do anything to do with blogging as I am convinced once I crack blogging I will get on to some real writing)
For now though I really should go and be productive somewhere else.   You however have all the time in the world :) so please have a good poke around here and then head over to here and share what makes you smile.

Oh and this makes me smile more than anything

the eye closing is on purpose, so use to the flash being bright she closes her eyes the moment I pick the camera up.  How could that not make you smile :)

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