Sunday, December 28

Snapshots of Us - Weeks 50 & 51

It's hard to believe it has only been two weeks since I last shared a Snapshot of Us. As always there has been plenty of things going on. For the most part though I was without my good camera because my card reader decided to stop reading. Which I found  somewhat heartbreaking because there were some killer shots on there.

Since my camera card is an almost antique compact flash card I worried I might not be able to find a new reader and therefore until I did so my *professional* photo taking was put on hold. Thankfully when we arrived in the big smoke I was finally able to locate a new reader. Though by that time my camera was safely stored at the back of a cupboard in the depths of Edna.

But enough of my camera woes.

Here are a few snaps from my trusty old phone.

Lovely and Zany at the Pink Lake

Mr Awesome and I at the cliffs in Kalbarri

The three musketeers at Kalbarri National Park

The five of us in front of Nature's Windo

The two little ones were transfixed by this big goanna next to the path. 
I loved how they wanted to walk by so slowly and carefully so as not to disturb it.

At Willowbrook Farm, Gingin

Aussie summer Santa in Perth Mall

Zany and the big Christmas Tree

Teapot and Mr Awesome at Carols by Candlelight

Did you know Ikea has cafe? 

With a make your own sundae station?

It is all kinds of smiley awesome

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