Tuesday, December 16

The big 5-0!

Happy Fathers Day and happy fifty days of travelling! Hard to believe that we have really been on the road for only fifty days. On the one hand we have seen so much but at the same time we have only gone about 1900km from home. 

Since it is Father’s Day we decided to treated ourselves to coffee from the cafe. I am still not coming to terms very well with the whole only instant coffee thing. Especially since back in Darwin the other week I was able to be momentarily reunited with my beloved machine.

Sadly though the coffee was awful. Actually it was quite possibly beyond awful but at the same time it wasn’t instant so I feel I can’t complain too much.

While we were at the cafe, which was also a bit of a shop, Mr A got some more fishing stuff because apparently he still didn’t have what he needed to actually catch something. As you can tell I am highly interested in the whole fishing thing. 

Now that he was adequately decked out in the fishing supply department we headed to a different part of the beach and spent the day fishing. Without much success mind you. The girls got their snorkels out and gave them another whirl and had a great time following a few little fish up and down the water’s edge.

And me? Well I sat under the awning of the car and got my crochet on. Pure bliss. Just before I left for Darwin, well actually in Windjana Gorge, I started working on a bit of a blanket thing. I wasn’t really sure when I started what it would turn out to be as it was just a chance to work on my granny square stitch really. After a few rounds it was looking a lot nicer than I expected so I decided to keep going and make it into a blanket for my niece’s up coming third birthday.
 photo fwbksignature_zps702ebc7d.jpg

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