Thursday, December 4

Day 42 (Aug 30)

I had never intended to get so far behind in updating where we where at. Those who know me well though are probably not in the least bit surprised. Deciding how to catch up has been given a great deal of thought with little to no resolve. For now I am just going to put up what I have and take it from there. Hopefully before too long I will be back on track. In the meantime though there will be a few days that jumbled up along the way as there were a few times where I managed to actually post on the day that it happened, or close to it. Which is why yesterday I shared Day 40 and today I am sharing Day 42.

If you are interested in reading Day 41 now you can. Sorry if there is any confusion and thanks from the bottom of my heart for stopping by, it really does mean a lot to me xx

Flying into Darwin was a strange feeling. Normally watching the city unfold before my eyes makes my heart swell and I am overwhelmed with a feeling of returning home. This time there was nothing. There was no sense of excitement or pleasure at going home. In fact it didn’t even feel as if I was home.

Home really is where the heart with and my heart is where Mr Awesome and the girls are. Which in this case happens to be homed in a little old Edna parked up on some cliff edge on the Dampier Peninsular overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Mr Awesome and the girls' home at Quongdong WA
Home is where the heart is and my heart is here
Surprisingly I slept incredibly well and woke feel almost as fresh as a daisy. I had expected to find sleeping without Mr A by my side a little lonely but the single bed in my mum’s house was a snug fit so there no excess room to remind me of his absence.

As much as I was technically in my childhood bedroom it no longer feels anything like it. The girls now affectionately call it The Princess Room. Before Dad passed away the room was his. To ease the pain of him no longer being there mum had my sister paint a mural of a princess and a castle. It is bright and cheerful and nothing like I ever had growing up.

While I could have happily spent the morning in bed there was much that needed to be done. Aside  from that Mum had began to bang and clash around in the kitchen ensuring that sleeping in was the last thing that happened.

My drivers license had expired a few weeks ago. Thankfully the motor vehicle registry office is now open Saturday morning so I was able to get that sorted and out the way. After that I stopped in for a quick catch up with Mr Awesome’s parents.

I spent the rest of the afternoon wondering how moving day was going for my loved ones. Of course when they sent me photos of their beautiful new location I then began pining even more to be there with them. Made worse when they texted to say they were busy watching whales frolic in the ocean below them.

To ease my frustrations Mum and I went for a walk along the foreshore. A place where I can normally find comfort. Today however it felt like a poor substitute. Deciding I needed more than walk I choose to run home. Which left me feeling all kinds of both exhausted and awesome as I was slightly faster than last time I went for a run.

Sleep didn’t come nearly as easily as the night before. Though there was something nice is still being up at midnight, something that has not occurred since #ouradventureofalifetime began.
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