Wednesday, December 17

Day 51 (Sept 8)

The looking behind our little shelter.
In preparation for moving day tomorrow I spent the better part of the morning sorting stuff out. Experience has shown that moving day goes a lot smoother (and quicker) if we spend some time the day before sorting out most of the crap.

As much as we have culled and scaled down our essential living items a true minimalist would probably say we still have far too much. And perhaps they might be right. To me though it feels like really do only have the basics.

After nearly a week without a washing machine it feels like most of the crap is dirty washing though.

Once all the sorting was done I sat back and looked out at the ocean while I worked on the blanket a little more. If I look hard enough I can see whales spurting and splashing. Which naturally excites me no end.

Before long though my eyelids are to heavy to keep open and sleep is my only option. Mr A and I may have done some midnight ocean frolicking under a full moon last night.

While I catch some z’s Mr A took the little ones in the water. It all ended in tears though as Teapot cut her toes on some oyster shells. Thankfully not too badly, just enough to make her want to not be in the water anymore.

It is tempting to extend our stay here longer but the food is starting to run a little low and as much as the expense of paradise is totally worth it we need to remember there will still be so many other paradises on our travels as well.
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