Friday, December 12

Day 47

Tranquility and peace surrounds. Lots of cuddles from everyone and lots of nothing to be done. Pure bliss. Sitting out overlooking the ocean I couldn’t help but feel like we were on the edge of the world. Or at very least the edge of Australia. Which was weird because obviously any coastline is the edge of the country but never before had I felt it so obviously.

There was just something about the rugged red rocks of James Price Point that made me feel like I was standing on the very edge of something incredibly special.

After coffee and breakfast the girls took me down the cliffs to show me the areas they had exploded before I arrived. Walking along with the soft sand between my toes and gentle breeze blowing in my face I felt all my worries of the previous week blow off into the water and washed forever away in the ways.

Life felt good. Actually even better than good. Near on perfect in fact.

Before long however it was like I had never been away and the constant demand for food slowly began to wear me down. As was the never getting a minute to myself. Thankfully my time away had given me the opportunity to recharge my patience and understanding jars.

Watching the sun set into the water was pretty much the perfect end to a perfect day in paradise.

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