Sunday, June 30

Nothing like a little drivel to get the juices a flowing

There approximately five thousand, seven hundred and sixty three billion things that I should either have done or actually be doing at this precise time. Deciding which one needs to be done first is no easy task and is possibly why nothing actually gets done.

The current silence is almost deafening, though complaining I am not, just surprised. But then it always surprises me how things can change in an absolute instant. A mere ten minutes ago there was all kinds of ruckus which so me drafting a very different start to this post.

With the fist week of the school holidays behind us, there are still three weeks to fill with fun and laughter. Lovely has gone to hang with some family on the east coast for the better part of three weeks leaving Zany, Teapot and myself to make the most of the wonderful weather and free time at home.

Mr Awesome has taken the last week of the holidays so we can hopefully escape to Umbrawarra Gorge for a few days. To say I am looking forward to that is an understatement. There is nothing more soul soothing for me, than hanging out in the bush with the ones I love.

In the meantime though there so many post that I keep thinking I want to write yet for some reason just never actually get to do. A story that I am positive will be never ending, particularly if I continue to write fluff such as this all the time, despite it all actually being part of the process.

As I try harder and harder to be more serious about this writing gig I am discovering a few interesting points about myself. For example I have found that my brain likes to drivel for some time about nothing before getting to the point at hand. Therefore when I really want to do some serious writing I need to allow and extra half hour or so to get the lead up  drivel out the way so as to free my mind for the important words to flow from it.

The downside to this is that I can barely get the time to write anything, let alone something that needs a half hour lead up time. First world problem I know. One that I am sure would be fixed with a bit of successful time management and organisation. If only you could just duck down to the local super market and pick that  up?


Anyway with that in mind I might leave you here for now and go and see if I can't get something out, because clearly I got the drivel part sorted for today!

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  1. Enjoy the holidays, take a note book, write write write, helps clear your mind, it will all come back when you are good and ready and in a quiet place. Works for me. xxx

  2. I'm feeling a little the same lately Rhi - not much time to blog, let alone comment or read a lot of other posts and no time at all to devote to the posts that matter. I hope you enjoy your holiday and come back refreshed and reinvigorated!


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