Saturday, June 22

#30DaySquatChallenge - Day 1

Possibly not the best before photo
but for now it will have to do
Since completing the City2Surf at the start of the month, my running has really taken a back seat in life. Which is more than sucky. 

Somehow I have managed to find the motivation to get out for the odd run but something just didn't seem right. It felt like hard work. And not the hard work that leaves you feeling awesome at the end of it because you have enjoyed your strenuous activity and comforted by the fact you are looking your body and health in some way. But more like the have you cursing and swearing because your body is literally unable to find the strength to go on any further kind of hard work.

Far from fun times.

Of course there are all the old excuses, it is too hot, I'm too busy, blah, blah, blah, blah. Not to mention Mr Awesome working late  due to stocktake, and the mere thought, let alone action, of pushing the three year old in the pram just too much to bare.

Which is a shame because I have been inundated lately with compliments of how much weight I have lost. Not that my scales attest to such things but what do they know? My clothes all seem to have a little extra room so whatever is going on I am fine with.

As the school holidays kick off on Monday, I was hoping to find it easier to integrate some regular exercise into everyone's day. An old high school buddy's event invite through trusty old Facebook for a #30DaySquatChallenge that started yesterday seemed like the perfect way to kick things off.

For those not familiar with a squat challenge it basically means each day you commit to a certain amount of squats. The amount of squats gradually increases with each day and by the end of the thirty days I should be doing some 300 squats I think it is. Thankfully you are able to break it up into smaller blocks, which I am pretty sure will be my preferred option a lot of the time.

In order to track any changes I asked Mr Awesome to measure me up and will do so regularly through the 30 days of the challenge. Probably weekly, unless I can be super patient and wait till the midway point. Hmmmm.

Now not only am I measured but there is the added accountability of sharing it all with you here.

Today saw me needing to do 60 squats. Which I can proudly say I did. Not all in the one go but you can't win them all. I did 10 first thing this morning while I waited for Mr Awesome to get out the shower. I then spent the whole day thinking about when I would do my next lot and why had I only done 10 so far.

By the time I was getting dinner ready I decided to just drop everything and do another 15 squats. Why 15 I have no idea. But it brought my total up to 25. Which was only five short of the half way mark. I was clearly all over the whole squatting thing.

With the kids all safely tucked up in bed, the dishes patiently waiting to be washed and me snuggled up on the couch with my crochet, I suddenly realised there were 35 squats with my name on them. Jumping up I pumped them out there and then without a further thought. In fact I even did 5 extra just for funsies and suddenly I felt just a teeny tiny bit awesome. And when I say awesome I may possible mean puffed.

Tomorrow sees me needing to do 80 squats. I am thinking that I will aim for two lots of 40 but perhaps a little bit closer together than today's efforts. Hopefully tomorrow may also see me go for a little jog but only time will tell.

Have you done a challenge like this before?

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  1. Ok im going to try and do this! I have a dickie knee though, so let's see how I go. I also won't prob blog about it, because I will likely fail. But I can be accountable to you, sound ok?

    1. yes you can totally be accountable to me. How has it gone so far? Have you done any?

  2. Thanks for this challenge. I did my 60 today - 3x20 after my walk and planking before my smoothie. If you want to include a plank in there like I have that would be great too !!! LOL
    Have a great day !

    1. Yay you!!!! Yes I have been meaning to try planking. All baby steps here

  3. I would probably injure myself, (maybe just an excuse) got me thinking though, good luck with your increases, great challenge.

    1. Yes maybe just an excuse but maybe also a valid concern, it is all about knowing your body. There is a fine line between pushing it and pushing it too hard


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