Tuesday, May 7

Escaping to Umbrawarra Gorge

Rather than sit at home for the May Day long weekend, we decided to runaway from the clutches of reality and escape to the picturesque Umbrawarra Gorge. A place where were were under the impression that was only known to a few. Previous visits to this natural beauty in the wilderness have seen us have this bush oasis almost exclusively to ourselves. Naturally we were kind of expecting the same again.

As we neared the campground we began to see a sea of car rooves. Our secret destination was apparently not so secret after all.

 Following this many cars out of town is very unusual for here. 
Since they all turned off well before us we were certain of solitude when we arrived.

After a three hour drive, the last of it on a rough 4WD dirt track, we had few options but to see if we were able to squeeze ourselves in somewhere. The remoteness of it all meant that we couldn't just see if there was somewhere else nearby. We had to make room or face more long hours in the car.

As fun as it was getting here, we were in no rush to do it again, at least not immediately.
Turns out not only were we able to squeeze ourselves in but also spread out quite comfortable. Luck would have it that there were some day campers leaving right next to the last patch of greenness that we had our eye on. Before long our new home for the next days was set up and it was time to check out the water levels.

Umbrawarra Gorge is a seasonal waterhole. Some years if there is not much rain then there is not enough water to dip your big toe in. Other years however it floods and you can stand with water over your head. While there might not have been much rain over my house this wet season just gone, there certainly seems to have been a lot out this way. 

In all our years of coming here this was by far the most water we have seen. Mind you it is the earliest in the year we have been there so that may have a little to do with it as well.

As disappointing as it was not to be the only ones to visit this special bush retreat this weekend I was determined to not let it spoil my time. In true Rhianna fashion it wasn't long before I found the inevitable bright side.

With so many people in such close proximity it was the perfect opportunity for some hard core people watching.

The first night saw us sharing our fire with two young couples. And when I say young I mean late twenties/early thirties. So perhaps what I am really saying is more about how old I feel but that is a post for another day I am sure. Regardless of this though to me they were highly entertaining.

The two women, let's call them Yvette and Shannon. Which may or may not be their actual names, and either way it doesn't really matter. Anyway it was beyond evident that Shannon and Yvette were not friends. They only reason they managed to be as civil to each other as what they were was due to their respective partners, Josh and Reece. Who were clearly long time bum chums and would never not have each other in their lives, regardless of what some bimbo girlfriend may or may not think of the other's partner.

Due to the proximity of our respective sites I could not help but hear and as such listen to their conversations. The snarly comments from Yvette to Shannon were hilarious. All kinds of entertaining I tell you. 

Well actually I can't tell you because I can't remember the specific one liners that made me giggle the most.Which bugs me endlessly. I spend so much energy if you will, enjoying the moment and really being in the moment, that the next day I can't actually remember the specifics of what made me tickled my fancy.

Which is exactly why I haven't written about how at DPCON13 I said something so funny that I made the very lovely Tina Gray snort. Not once but twice. I think though the second one was as a result of me saying I made Tina Gray snort, I am so blogging about that after the first rip roarer of a snort I managed to somehow induce.

For now though I must bid you adieu. The block of this post was written while we were away. Mr Awesome took the girls for a bit of a rock climbing adventure leaving me to pen this masterpiece. The next lines I have scribbled down go ... 

... Anyway I would love to sit and keep sharing the antics of our adventures but the tribe has returned from rock climbing and is in need of food. The description of the toiler will have to wait. Which I am sure you will just be on the edge of your sit with anticipation as you wait for that one.
The dunny pit, as my girls liked to call it, not that they actually used it mind you
Stay tuned for all the exciting details :)

It's Tuesday and I have blogged. 
You should too then you could join in with IBOT over at EssentiallyJess.

Do you like escaping to the wilderness?
Are you a people watcher?
Where you there when I made Tina snort?
If you were and can recall my humorous moment please drop me a line.

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