Monday, June 17

Scream and shout and let it all.

That is what I have been doing here in this space for the last few days. Perhaps not so much of the screaming and shouting but most certainly a lot of letting it all out. Or at least letting some of it out. Being the public place that the internet is I can't really let it all out as there are parts I just don't want anyone to know. There are also parts that are not my story to tell. 

The worst of it all is over for now and I am confident that throughout the day I will slowly return to normal programming. In fact I am already well on the way. I have spent the last hour flufffing around on Facebook and replying to all the lovely comments I have received of late. Thank you for that as well. 

It never ceases to amaze me how I can wander around real life and feel so completely alone at times, yet the moment I step online I suddenly feel surrounded with love and support in all manner of ways. 

Mind you I have always found the written word easier to express. 

The moment you vocalise something it is there, it can't be taken back. When you write there is an  opportunity to review what you put out before it is actually put out. To check and make sure what you are saying is what you mean and all the rest of it. Of course the tone can be harder to hear and open to more interpretation but ultimately I feel you have more say in what the message is when you write.

Well, I feel I my message comes across better when written, rather than just spoken off the bat. My mouth has had a way of getting me into all sorts of trouble at times. That whole thinking before you speak thing doesn't always work well for me. There have even been times where I would write down conversations I needed to have with people and practise what I wanted to say before I actually had the conversation.

Anyway, enough of that. 

There are dishes patiently waiting to be seen to and washing in need of doing and folding and all the rest of it. Everywhere I turn there is just another disaster zone waiting to be returned to a more manageable level of disorder. I just wanted to pop in quickly and leave something slightly happier than that of the last few days.

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What could me more happier than playing here?

Hope you are having a wonderful day and don't forget I have some awesome AntiOx Snack Bars and Chocolate to give away.

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  1. My mouth always runs away without me, sad but true. xxx


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