Thursday, June 13

32304 Hours

Today should have been my dad's 84th birthday. Instead it is 1346th day since he passed away. Which is 3 years 8 months and 7 days or 32304 hours. 
Yesterday I read this post.

It touches close to my heart in many ways. Especially on days like today.

Before dad died he had been sick for a while. Years in fact. Thinking back now I can't even remember when he wasn't sick. But then perhaps that is really just the joys of old age?

All things considered equally though dad had a great life. As much as the last ten years saw far too many rushed trips to hospital, emergency room visits and ambulance rides for all our liking, it also reminded us just how precious life is and what a gift it was to have dad around for as long as what we did.

Sitting in Intensive Care (ICU) next to someone you love dearly laying there with all manner of machines and plugs attached to them has a funny way of changing your perspective.

I lost count of how many times I made that trip to the hospital wondering, if this time were the last time?

How many times I stood there next to that bed.
My mother sitting alongside the bed.
My brother and sister awkwardly loitering on the other side of the bed.

And Dad on the bed.

Surrounded by those that loved him most and beeping machines, cords, drips who knows what else.

Each of us not wanting to be there, yet there being no where else we could be.

Dad had always made it quite clear that he would rather we put him out of his misery rather than prolong life artificially. Thankfully it never actually came down to that though we were asked on more than one occasion if we wanted medical staff to begin CPR if it were ever needed.

It is an awful conversation to have.

One that needs to be had though and not just with your dying father.

It goes hand in hand with organ donation. Your family and those that love you need to know your wishes should you ever be in a position that renders you unable to express them.

For a brief moment, I lived in place that legalised euthanasia. I was so proud of the bravery of the politicians and the voters for supporting such an important movement. Everyone has the right to die with dignity.

Sadly though I also live in a place that can have their laws overturned and the powers that be did so with the euthanasia bill. It broke my heart and I hung my head in shame. This post was supposed to talk more about that than my dad. Can't win them all though can you?

Do you support euthanasia?

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  1. Very thoughtful post, my dad is thankfully a healthy 80 year old, I am dreading the day he passes, especially as he lives in another country. I visit him regularly and we talk on the phone every other week. I was only thinking today I need to make a commitment to talk to him every week. xxx

    1. I am so pleased to hear that your dad is still going strong. There is nothing worse than prolonged sickness in those final years or even months, especially if it is someone who was up till then strong and active. Sending you and your dad lots of fairy wishes and butterfly kisses


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