Monday, June 10

Why washing dishes in the rain is not always the best idea.

Normally this time on a Monday afternoon, the last place I would be allowed to be is here at the computer. Since this Monday afternoon happens to be a public holiday rules are allowed to be ben a little. Or a lot if the following day happens to be your second child's seventh birthday. As is the case in our happy little home.

Yes, that's right, tomorrow sees my Little Miss Six become Little Miss Seven. She's is beyond excited about the prospect as well. Apparently she is the last of the year two students to turn seven. In fact some have been seven for so long they are soon to be turning eight, with some students already having done so.

But I digress, the whole age of entry to schooling is a whole other post for another day. My thoughts are wide and varying on that. I can see why so many claim it's advantages but I am not necessarily sold it is what you should have to do if you'd rather not. And nor should you be made to feel like your decision is less valid than that of the norm. 

Again though, posts that are not really meant to be written today on account of there being something else I wanted to say. Which if I don't hurry up and get to will somehow slip out of my mind and be forgotten until who knows when. It appears as if my lack of concentration is on track to make new record highs.

I was again reminded today of just how absent minded I can be at times. 

How did that happen I hear you ask?

Well I finally brought in some dishes from the garden. They had been put there to be washed by the rain. Oh wait, most people probably don't do that. 

Doing the dishes in the bath!
I couldn't find any photos of dishes in the rain at my favourite photo site,
I did however come across this little beauty.
image from here

Let me explain a little more.

After being left in the fridge for far too long a rather funky fungi had taken hold. Said incredibly funky fungi had in fact taken such a great hold it was impossible to identify the origins of the food that the dishes once held. Rather than try and stomach cleaning this delightfully rank mess I opted for leaving it in the pouring rain.

Seemed like a rather eco friendly option to tell you the truth. The funky fungi was pretty manky and would have needed quite a lot of water to ever have any hope of ever coming clean. By placing them in the rain rather than attempting to face the fungi in my sink I was sure I was saving gallons of water.

Now it doesn't really matter when that, or even the last rains stopped by, let's just say it wasn't yesterday. What does matter is that today was the day that I finally had nothing else to do but get the dishes in from the garden that had been left there to be washed by the rain and think about whether they may or may not be fit for use again.

Actually I did have plenty of others things I could have been doing, which was probably why this suddenly became appealing as the most important thing to get off the normally ever expanding to-do list. Again though I start to digress...

Thankfully we have a dishwasher so I was still able to hold onto the hope that the dishes may actually live to see what it is like to hold more food rather than just funky fungi and rain water. Though really I wasn't holding onto much hope.

Before placing them in the dishwasher I thought perhaps that rinsing off some of the leaf matter that had replaced the funky fungi from the fridge. Placing my once favourite dishes (while wondering how they had been left to such a fate) in the laundry sink I turned the tap on and was instantly distracted by the cries of children.

After tending to the ills and assuring the wronged that all would be right, I then noticed my half finished attempt to clean my desk. Diligently I moved pile A to pile B and then halved it and created pile C. You know what it's like right?

From there I did a bit of this and did a bit of that. My main goal of the day was not to be drawn into the vortex of Candy Crush and instead remain as productive as possible. I felt that I was slowly steaming ahead, though in the back of my mind there was a niggling that there was something else I just needed to tend to.

Pausing from my paper reshuffling I scratched my head and pondered on the all the possible things I should possibly be doing. Drawing a blank I knew I needed to investigate further.

Heading to the laundry I decided that the washing was the best place to start. The washing/folding/putting away of clothes was such a constant that I was certain that had to be what was playing on my mind waiting to be done. 

Much to my delight the washing machine was gently whirring away doing it's thing. Which meant I was saved from the need to hang it out (just yet). What did not bring me joy though was the tapping running in the laundry sink rinsing of the funky fungi and grass residue. 

Go me right?

The irony of all the water wasted from something that originally stemmed from a stupid idea that hoped to actually save water is not lost on me. In many ways it just feels like the story of my life.

Have you had any bright ideas go terribly wrong lately?

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  1. Rofl! I was half expecting your laundry to be flooded by this point! That sounds so much like me, though! Honestly, being distracted is one of my main reasons for avoiding some parts of housework altogether - hence my love of the newly acquired dishwasher!

    Just quietly, I have to congratulate you for actually keeping the dishes and getting around to cleaning them. I have been known to just chuck out dishes with unidentifiable substances in them from the fridge. Yes, even Tupperware. I have a very weak stomach.

    1. Just quietly I have thrown stuff out before as well. These dishes were part of a set, and stoneware. I hoped a couple of times through the dishwasher would save them else they were goners for sure!

  2. Yes, I was expecting your laundry to be flooded too - at least it didn't come to that!

    I'm most consistently distracted when coffee is involved, It's as if, as soon as the jug boils I suddenly find 1000 different little things to do and I completely forget about it. Hubby made me a coffee this morning and it sat on the kitchen bench for half an hour before I remembered it was there...

    1. I know I am terrible at going oh I will just do this first and then this pops up followed by that and before long I have no idea what I was actually meant to be doing!

  3. Bahaha! At least the sink wasn't plugged up! Life, is definitely a lot like that! I sometimes take the high chair outside to be hosed down when a child is particularly gross with their food, and if it's raining, I've often left it out, figuring it's a bonus! :) Glad to know someone else is like-minded when it comes to housework!

    1. Yes I have been known to hose certain things down in the garden as well! Great minds think alike don't they? I was so pleased I hadn't blocked the sink and flooded the place as well


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