Friday, February 1

Writing dreams with coffee

Sitting there in front of the computer screen, her mind was blank.

Totally void of any and all thoughts or ideas. 

But then that was nothing new. It was like the screen, or the keyboard or maybe even the chair, something anyway, seemed to suck every sensible consciousness out of her being when she sat to write.

Letting out a deep sigh she got up and walked away. Maybe a coffee would help.

Maybe letting go of that crazy notion that there was indeed a writer within her just waiting to be unleashed would help. Though she had held onto that crazy notion for so long now that she doubted whether letting go of it was really possible. It felt like it was ingrained upon her soul. Her destiny if you will.

A destiny that she thought she had been heading towards for as long as she could remember. A childhood dream that had stayed with her as she grew into a woman. Niggling away at her as she tried to find her place in life doing other things.

For as much as she longed to do nothing but write words to be read by the masses reality told her the chances were slim. Very slim. After all there were thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of other people who held onto similar dreams. Some of whom actually managed to get words out when they say down to write.

Unlike her.

Thankfully somewhere along the line the Internet came into being. Just the answer that wanna be writers the world over had been waiting for. An outlet that allowed them to feel like they were writing for the masses. Provided of course they remain oblivious to things like stat counters and the like.

Sitting back down with her hot coffee her gaze returned to the blank screen. Which by now had gone to sleep so the blankness of it all was even more evident. Taking a sip from her cup she could feel the warm liquid travel down her throat. It's golden goodness filling her veins like some kind of inspirational  blood. Or at least that is what she hoped would happen.

She always lived in hope.

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  1. Love it! I think any blogger who denies the haven't at one time dreamed of being a writer would be a liar. You have to have at least some kind of passion for words and writing to be a blogger I think.

  2. Beautiful written Rhi! :) there's a writer living inside each of us hoping to be heard I guess.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. It's so hard sometimes. Nothing worse than writers block when you know you can do it

  4. Thanking My stars for the Internet, it is magical for getting stuff out there :) good post on writers block :) enjoyed it

  5. What about those of us who are writers/journos/storytellers turn bloggers, surely we can still have our shit days! I gotta say though, your post proves you're a writer, esp since in the third person what you wrote was great! Em x

  6. Very clever turning your writers block into a great post. Good job, writers block sucks.

  7. Continue to write and continue to hope Rhianna... Even if there are many writers, there is always space for many more.

  8. Great post, Rhi! And yes, thank goodness for the internet in giving us a creative outlet!

  9. I hope you can find some inspiration soon Rhi. If it makes you feel any better I was all out of inspiration last night until I read Lisa's post and was able to answer her questions. I hope you can find some inspiration that way as well!

  10. Rhi you have a magickal way with words. I hope the words that are hidden away for the moment spring to life for you soon.


  11. Oh yes. I know that feeling. Curse you blank screen! Stop staring at me!


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