Monday, October 22

Instagram Weekly

The last time I posted (nearly a week ago) I wrote of signs and how I thought the universe sent them to me. Right now it feels like the sign being sent to me is not to bother with this post. It has taken me all day to get this out. Even now as I enjoy the quiet of nearly all children in bed it is not as easy as I desire or expect.

Since all Instagram posts go via my phone it is generally easier to at least start this post through Blogpress on my phone. This makes sense since I thought all Instagram photos automatically saved to my camera roll. For some reason last week that wasn't the case and most of my photos are awol from my camera roll.  Which means I need to do it all through the computer and download the photos from Instagram and blah blah blah.

So without any more grumbling on the ease or lack there of, in getting this post to you I give you my week that was.
Clouds at sunset over my back yard. 
Reminded by Tina the other week how fun it was to play with different filters 
I thought I would give it a go myself

Same clouds, just different filters. I like trying to get my art on

Saturday was Mr Awesome's birthday.
His brother gave him some perfume. Those boys make me laugh

Choc cherry slice made specially for Mr Awesome's birthday

More yummy birthday food. Home made apple pies, nutella parcels 
and spinach and ricotta things (that weren't home made).
Oh, and some fruit to balance out the pastry

Mr Awesome and I off on a bus catching adventure for hot date night.

There were a few other photos I took in the week but for one reason or another I never got around to Instagramming them. I had planned to maybe throw a couple in here but this post has already taken more than enough time to get up. Oh the things we do for blogging hey?

If you want to see more of my incredibly exiting photos check out the box in my side bar or click here

In the meantime though, head on over to TGDM and check out what everyone else has been up to on Instagram


  1. Oh, I thought it was only me that happened to lose Instagram photos in my camera roll. And I do love my filters! Great photos, this week! Thanks for linking up x

  2. Oh wow, I LOVE your cloud pics! There's something beautiful and magical about a good cloud photo. And your slice looks AMAZING! Yum x

  3. I love your photos, and the cherry slice! Want. I hope you had a great night out. It seems like so long since I popped in here. It's nice to be back! xx

  4. Lve those cloud photos! They are just magic. True sign of how beautiful even the most mundane can be xxxxxx


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