Tuesday, October 16

A sign. Or not.

I am a big believer in signs.

No not those types of signs.

The signs that the universe sends you to help steer you in the right direction. I have mentioned before, and probably on more than one occasion how for a large portion of things I am happy to let the powers that be take care of things.

In the past this has worked incredibly well for me. The powers that be have strange way of coming though for me. Sometimes when I least expect it and often in ways I never expected.

Every now and then though a sign will come through and I (being the know it all that I am) think I know better and just ignore what to some may well be blatantly obvious. Right now just happens to be one of those times.

As I type it is ridiculous o'clock (aka 2.37am). Miss Two thought she would try her hand at projectile vomiting earlier this evening. For the record she is not too bad at it. Distance is not great but volume is right up there. However now that she knows about the bonus points for getting it in the bucket I am hoping that is where all future deposits will go.

Due to her current desire to empty the contents of her stomach I decided that perhaps she should be excluded from the bedroom this evening. Which also means I am excluded from the bedroom tonight. Cleaning spew off an air mattress in the lounge is much preferable to changing the bed sheets in the middle of the night so I am not exactly complaining.

Especially since I now have an air mattress. Previously containment to the lounge room with vomiting child meant a night on floor on a thinner than thin mattress. Given that Mr Awesome has to get up and go to work it doesn't seem fair for him to be disturbed so I take one for the team and sleep on the floor. Fun doesn't even come close to describing it all. Mind you the whole air mattress, which is only a new thing, almost makes it bearable.

Though I can't help but wonder why my sense of adventure isn't more excited about camping in the lounge room. The children certainly see it that way with Miss Eleven pleading to join in. Poor thing was forced to remain in the comfort of her air conditioned bedroom on her bed.

Anyway many hours ago now when Miss Two was drifting off to sleep I found myself doing the same. Feeling a little uneasy in the stomach myself I didn't bother fighting the sleep thing, despite it being prior to 8pm. This also had the added benefit of me missing out on the regular bedtime fun of getting the other two to sleep.

This also explains why I am awake now. After years of unbroken, disjointed and minimal sleep, my body is under the misguided impression that after five hours of sleep it must be wake up time. Hence why bed time is never early.

Always looking for the bright side though, I figured that being awake now would give me the perfect chance to get my IBOT post out the way. Seeing as some how Tuesday seems to have once again snuck up. I much prefer having my post all scheduled and ready to go rather than trying to squeeze it in while reading all the other posts that have linked up.

Only the universe tried to send me a sign. One that said get off the computer. Within minutes of setting myself up Miss Six was awake and standing before me. Something about a sore throat, not feeling well, blah blah. Just go back to sleep was all I had in me. After all I was all ready to start blogging.

Thankfully she willingly complied and within seconds was curled up next to her sister on the air mattress. Back to it I went. Or so I thought.

Again the universe tried with the whole sign thing. This time it shut the power off. Which gave the new UPS thingy Mr Awesome bought home on the weekend a chance to beep away. Reluctantly I turned the computer off and sat in the darkness listening for then expected cries of children without electricity.

After a minute I was relived to realize I was still the only one awake. Phew! Now back to blogging. You see universes for as much as you may be trying to tell me not to bother I will not give in. Or so I thought till I picked up the iPad with it's 11% battery.

By now though the universe could see my dedication and relented. Switching itself back on so that I could get this out. Which I know you are just stoked about.

Does the universe send you signs?
Do you listen?

Joining in with Jess and the crew for #IBOT