Thursday, October 11

Thankful Thursday - A random collection of things that make life great

It is late Wednesday night. I have spent most of the evening tweaking and changing things here on the blog. Hopefully you are are regular reader and have already recognised that though. If you are not and this is your first time here, thanks for dropping in and I hope you stick around. There are some mighty fine words to be read amongst these pages, even if I do say so myself.

I should really be going to bed but with all the changes and excitement I couldn't not write a quick post. Especially since tomorrow (which is now probably today) is Thursday which means Kate is getting thankful and encouraging everyone else to do so as well. And as a regular reader would know I just love being thankful.

As much as I love being thankful though I also love my sleep, so in a bid to appease both my needs I present to you a hodge podge thankful list.
I am thankful not just for the gesture of beautiful flowers
but also for the fact I have such a thoughtful friend

This week I am thankful that

  • I was able to purchase a new domain name. In case you hadn't heard the new address for these words of wisdom is
    I am oh so excited about this.
    I don't know why but for some reason having that blogspot in my address was slowly driving me insane. Given all that I have to deal with in life as it is, I do not need blogging to add to my craziness. Especially given that essentially blogging is seen by many as therapeutic.
  • I had the knowledge to make most of the changes to the blog all by myself. There is still one teeny tiny detail I am yet to resolve but for now I can live with that. For some reason, unbeknownst to me, unless a post title link is given my side bar is shown as a footer.
    If you have any hints please let me know.
  • After two days of rather arduous and boring cleaning the girls now have a tidy bedroom and my kitchen is looking somewhat organised and together. There is also next to no washing waiting to be done.
  • My mum was able to swing by and help me stay focused so that I could get what needed to be done in the house. Her doing a fair amount of the work was also greatly appreciated.
  • The lady in the front office at school having time to sit and talk to Miss 6 when she fell apart after lunch the other day because she was missing Grandpa. Bless both their beautiful hearts.
  • Even though I had two trips to the emergency department last week, both times I was dealt with in a professional and quick manner. Resulting in me not being there longer than what I needed to. And by that I mean in and out in well under two hours on both occasions.
  • The whole family has its health. I know a few people around the traps at the moment that have some less than desirable health issues to contend with. Having the healthy children, husband and self that I do, really is such a blessing.
And finally this week I am thankful for Kate, today's hostess with the mostest. I love that because of her each week, I and many others all take stock and stop and think of the many blessings with have. For we really are blessed. Not only does Kate encourage me to be thankful but thanks to #OperationMOVE she gets me moving and active as well. In fact Kate was one of the original instigators of me learning how to run as well. For which I am beyond thankful. Especially since this week I finally cracked the whole 5km in 30 minutes.

What are you thankful for today?

Joining in with
Thankful Thursday


  1. Granted I'm reading this on my phone, so haven't fully been able to check out all the changes, but I'm loving it so far!!

  2. I'm glad you got your own domain name! How exciting!

  3. Congrats on yr domain name, that's great news. Sounds like you've had a lovely week despite perhaps needing more sleep. I'm thankful that I'm starting to feel stronger again after coming through a horror period. It's a time thing and I'm just glad some time is passing. Have a great rest of your week. Oh I'm also thankful that my new blog design is finished and a great fellow in the uk has begun working on putting it together. Yay!

  4. Finally catching up with everything in my reader. Popped on to the web to see your changes - I like :) Onward and upward xxxxxx

  5. That's hardly hodge podge :p. a wonderful range of things to be thankful for. Mums are the best aren't they when they turn up and help out. I'm very excited for you for your domain name. It meant a lot to me when I made the switch. I'm only on my mobile too but I love the changes I can see so far. Well done. Oh and yeah, blogging is the most stressful therapy ever. :p


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