Sunday, October 14

My Instagram Week 3

That's right folks, I think this whole Instagram weekly is going to be a stayer. Tina is a wonderful host and as you all know there is nothing I love better than a bit of linky love.

So with out further ado, here is what this week saw me sharing over at Instagram.

Yep that was me running.
Followed by me after running (the next day) Which just happens to be one of my fastest runs ever. It has been hot here lately.
The 28 degrees was at 11pm and the 24 degrees was before 8am. Crazy I tell you.
The sunset was something I was trying for a new header. I didn't go with it in the end but I might fiddle with it some more.
The flowers were from a lovely friend on Saturday. They were closed when she gave them to me so it was lovely watching them open all week.
Finally, as you have probably already noticed, the header I am currently using.


  1. great pictures!! LOVE ur new logo!!!

  2. Gorgeous flowers, lucky girl :)

  3. Love your shots!
    How crazy has this weather been lately. Hot one day, snowing the next.

  4. I love your header, it's lovely! We've had some crazy weather here lately, the Friday before last it was 34 degrees and then this Friday just gone it was 9 degrees! Hoping for some more stable weather this week!

  5. It's a fun linky to do. I'm kind of addicted to it. :)

  6. Oh I'm totally addicted to Instagram and now addicted to Tina's blog hop! I love your sunset header. There is nothing better than watching buds open, what lovely flowers :)


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