Tuesday, October 9

Bullies bully the bully?

While I was flogging my blogging With Some Grace the other day I found myself discussing the recent actions of Alan Jones. In many ways I felt that when our local radio station decided to not air their regular hourly segment featuring apparent best of Mr Jones each day that they may have been denying freedom of speech.
As it turns out Australian doesn't have a constitutional right to freedom of speech. It is merely implied or expected. Thanks to my lovely readers Blundermum and Cassandra for sharing this with me. I did mean to look a bit further into it myself however Friday feels like it were only yesterday.

Time, as always, seems to be flying by.

Anyway back to Friday's post. There was so much there that I didn't say that I thought I would add some more. Well that and the fact that this morning Mr Jones went to air without a single ad being played for the duration of his show.

Before I get too far into it all though I just want to clear up a finer detail. On Friday I thought that the comment was made in the privacy of friends. In actual fact it was at dinner function organised by the Liberal Party.

Oh how this discovery made me shake me head.
In the privacy of his home then his behaviour is easier to excuse. The privacy of a Liberal Party dinner, where his fifty minute speech was recorded not so easy.

I know media and politics go hand in hand but seeing the relationship so blatantly intertwined sends shivers down my spine. Especially given the influence this man is seen to have. For as many people that want him taken off the air there are just as many who want him left there.

This morning Jones station, 2GB, put Alan on air without a single sponsor. The only breaks were ones that advertised other 2GB shows. It will be that way for the next two weeks. Not that I listened to any of the show but I have read that during the show and in recent interviews, Alan Jones has claimed that this whole ordeal has been taken over by bullies.

Bullies, particularly those of a social media nature have apparently turned Alan's sponsors against him. They have been left with no option but to pull their support else face public backlash. Which has apparently included some rather serious threats to sponsors.

Yes that's right one of the most influential and well paid radio personalities in the country, who has an opinion on everything and never holds back on sharing said opinion has fallen victim to cyber bullies. Or so he claims.

Given the tenacity, authority and aggression I have at times heard Alan Jones speak with I struggle to see how he can complain about the actions of bullies towards him. Especially when it comes to trying to convince people to change their thoughts and beliefs. Is that not the pot calling the kettle black?

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  1. Was wondering if anyone would cover this. I always assumed he was quite a smart man who did this 'act' to make money (I have an issue with his peddling hate, and making it 'ok' to have these socially unacceptable attitudes to pretty much everything). The last 2 days, I realise he really does beleive what he says, and he can't see the irony that he's complaining about his behavior to everyone else being turned on himself.
    Yesterday he said how it was the downfall of society that his advertisers were being bullied and then today he told his listeners to do the exact same behavior. Can he not see the hypocritical action? Always tougher when the shoe is on the other foot, hey? (good post, good topic)

  2. You have written so well about this - it certainly is a hot topic! I would tend to err on the same conclusion - pot, kettle, black.

  3. well said Rhi. It's a tough one. Where is the line between petitioning a company to not support asinine behaviour/beliefs, and flat out threatening to ruin business if they don't pull their support? In a way it IS bullying. I wouldn't necessarily say it's bullying Jones, but the companies have certainly been pressured into pulling advertising. Not much black and white in all this, feels all very grey to me. Alan Jones has the same opinions as many people in this country - they just don't all have radio shows.

  4. Well said Rhi and I agree. I don't know much of his radio work, only really have seen him in interviews and he really does himself no favours. His attitudes are archaic and I Really think he is trying to drum up sympathy with the bullying card. He has made his name by being a bully. I did enjoy the very very bizarre interview with John Laws on the ABC, it was like school girl bitching, neither is better than the other.
    I am all for freedom of speech, but I also believe in respecting others, their opinions and choices and to make fun of them because of these is not on. great post on a hot topic :)

  5. I hear you, Rhi! It's interesting (and reassuring) to read the many comments that were on SMH's article yesterday stating the same thing. And many went on to say that it's even karma.
    Those companies weren't bullied. It was suggested and at least petitions are a lot more civilized way to express freedom of speech rather than rant about throwing heads of state in chaff bags and being disrespectful about personal family issues.
    Come on, Alan...when the shoe's on the other foot...

  6. It's amazing the layers this conversation has. I've heard a lot of people talking about standing up to bullies lately, and its amazing how much they don't like it!
    Well written Rhi. xx

  7. I agree you so bad. Although I don't and won't get into the whole thing of what he said I just don't really listen to or care about people like that.

  8. Ah, it is interesting when the tables are turned on a bully isn't it?

  9. Rhianna what astounded me was the power of social media - sponsors' sites were flooded with angry punters, which frightened the companies into pulling their advertising etc. Just incredible the power of technology.

  10. I missed this post. This is a great one and I completely agree with you. Rachel xx


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