Tuesday, October 2

Fluffing Along

So as you are probably aware it is Tuesday. Being that yesterday was Monday and tomorrow is expected to be Wednesday there is little else for today to be other than Tuesday.

Which means that over at Diary of a SAHM, Jess is hosting #IBOT. I Blog On Tuesday for the unacquainted. One of the most linked to link ups this side of the black stump I am sure.

As an esteemed 
I like to make sure I have something great to share on a Tuesday. 

Of course being an Allstar is not so much about the posting as it is the commenting. Which I look forward to each week. Seriously I do. It is my way of ensuring that I actually make time to read other blogs rather than just worry about what my own little piece of the interwebs is doing.

In actual fact while I was away I greatly missed my normally comfortable day in front of the computer or with the iPad on my lap as I peruse the greatness that is the Australian blogosphere. I felt disconnected and removed from a community spirit that I normally thrive upon. I also felt just a tad rude still posting and not reading nearly so many posts as what I generally do. 

But every now and then somethings have to give and for me for the last few weeks that has been blog commenting.

Last week, which was the first Tuesday back at home for me I resisted the urge to run straight to my Mac and plonk myself in front of it from the moment I got up. I even managed to keep my distance once the kidlets had been dropped off at school. It was Mr Awesome's last day off so I figured giving him my undivided attention was the least I could do. Thankfully I still had some holiday thoughts left to share so posting was easily scheduled.

Part of me wonders if he will ever truly appreciate the sacrifice I made for him.

This week, as Tuesday quickly approached I was unable to find the necessary inspiration to ensure a post was written and waiting to post first thing Tuesday morning. Did I mention this was the first and only week of school holidays here?

Instead of blogging I opted for a game of Monopoly, followed by a swim and poolside picnic and an afternoon of various wii activities. Honestly life doesn't get too much better than this. Unless of course you are child free and are able to solely dedicate your day to #IBOT reading.

So why as Tuesday draws to an end, am I persevering with this fluffy post of nothingness? Basically because as Veronica points out some days a girls just has to write.

Joining in with the crew that proudly say


  1. Good on you Rhi for your continued dedication to commenting and supporting IBOT. I never get around to commenting much and I do feel guilty for that. I have made a commitment to myself though to comment on at least 5 other blogs when I join in link ups so I am trying to do better. Glad you got to spend some quality time with your family, that is far more important than blogging!

  2. I love that you played Monopoly instead of blogging! Great that you are living your life and not letting your blog rule your life.

  3. Pretty ok for a fluffy Tuesday post :) I have just had a blank page for the last few weeks, so hey, you are one up on me.

  4. Hey nothing wrong with a bit of fluff! I forget most schools only have one week. We have two, so its a nice break :)


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