Saturday, August 18

Things I Know About The Universe, Kenny Rogers and Beautiful People

I know that on Wednesday morning I felt let down and betrayed by the universe.

I know that on Thursday I was thankful for a brand new day and the chance to start again. A chance to readjust my attitude, take stock of sensibilities, apologize to the the universe, and just generally pull my head in.

I know that the universe doesn't owe me anything. 
I don't know why I thought it did. Though maybe it was a combination of hope and faith that had me believing those tickets were mine before they actually were.

I know that there are some beautiful people in the world.

I know some of those beautiful people read my blog. That is not to say all my readers aren't beautiful though because they you are. Just at the moment one particular reader has made me beyond happy with her kind offer.

I know that when said reader rang me yesterday to say she had a spare ticket to Kenny Rogers and she wanted to take me with her to the concert I was beside myself. Though this was contained somewhat at the time because I was driving, however when I got out of the car you would have thought I was a Toyota driver I was jumping so high.
Not me but certainly what I was doing
I know that I am super excited to know that in twelve hours time I will be sitting on a tuft of grass waiting for the man himself to come out and grace the stage. Even just writing it gives me goosetingles.

I know that hearing Mr Awesome in the shower means I should get off the computer, make some coffee and prepare myself for the coming day. 

I know I am also excited to think that the end of the sporting year is just about upon us. That means no more Saturdays juggling different activities and racing from one venue to the next. Today is the last day for Miss 6's hockey and Miss 11 has this week and then the finals.

I know the thought of free Saturday's is pure bliss.

The last thing I know this week is that I am joining in with Singular Insanity