Thursday, October 4

Thankful Thursday - Great Medical Care

When I posted this image on Wednesday night, I wondered if it would be possible for it to last all night

What I didn't say was that after an afternoon full of heartbreaking tears Miss Two fell asleep in a heap in my arms. A young friend had kindly helped her up off the ground by pulling her arm. The young friend is incredibly kind and loving towards her. In fact she makes a wonderful big sister. There was no vigor or extra strength to her actions yet Miss Two was beside herself saying her arm was suddenly sore.

Knowing the children like I do I couldn't see how the arm could possibly be hurt by what went on. Yet there was no denying the pain she was exhibiting in her arm. Being the ultra relaxed person that I am I wasn't overly concerned. Something similar has happened before and after a couple of hours it went away.

With that in mind we went for a swim. You know to help her take her mind off it and all.

And because that is what we were about to do prior to this all taking place. There was no way that the others were going to give up the highly anticipated afternoon swim. Not for all the screaming two year olds on earth.

For the most part Miss Two did not complain about the aquatic activities. That is not to say however that she relished it either. The others were blissfully playing and not arguing so I was happy to let the majority rule for as long as harmony did. Miss Two just had to ride this one out as far as I was concerned. (please excuse me as I have to rush off to pick up my Mother of the Year Award)

Anyways after next to no sleep last night because Miss Two screamed in pain whenever she moved I decided that a trip to the emergency department was in order. The first for this particular child and possibly only the second time as a mother. Which is certainly something I am extremely thankful for.

Of course to look at the photos you would not think we had any cause for concern. This was one time however where the pictures and reality didn't quite match. As it turned out only medical attention was able to fix my baby's poor sore arm.

Thankfully it was nothing serious and easily rectified. The doctor, who was awesome, said it was a pulled elbow. Which funnily enough was also what the triage nurse said. All in all I must say it was a rather pleasant experience.

We were there barely an hour, all the staff we dealt with were professional, friendly and just what you would hope to find in an ER. I walked away with my faith in the medical system strongly in tact. And for that I am super thankful for. I am always dubious of medical practioners so I am always pleased when they exceed my expectations.

So today for Kate's Thankful Thursday I am thankful there was nothing seriously wrong. I am glad that help was so easily found and that now all is as it should be.

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. I have never had anything but the best experience with hospitals, not that i have had to use them very much!! Definately something to be thankful for!! Hope your little one is better now.

  2. I am a big advocate for the medical system after having had several trips (and admissions) to hospital for 2 of my four children. I just cant say enough for the wonderful care my boys were given. The doctors and nurses work so hard and under such tight budgets.

    When I hear people bagging the system I am the first to jump on my high horse and 'stand up' for the system. Of course, it's not all perfect, but in general we are such a lucky country.


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