Thursday, October 25

Thankful for a wonderful community

Being able to feel part of a community is a wonderful thing. Being able to feel part of a hard working, committed and friendly community is an even more wonderful thing. Being able to feel part of a caring and supportive community is also a pretty wonderful thing. I am thankful to be able to say that I feel like I am part of a few communities that have such qualities.

The first of these is at the girls' school. Miss 11 has been there since she started pre school in the year that she turned four. It really is a beautiful place, full of wonderful people. This is her last year there. In fact really she is down to her last few weeks of primary school.

Next year sees her embark on the journey that is middle school. It still seems so early in life to be sending them off to there already. I am really not ready to be a mother of a middle school child. I guess it is slightly better than being a mother of a high school but at the end of the day there really isn't much in it. But all of that is a post for another day. Today is about awesome communities I am part of now, not about to be part of next year.

Last night the school council hosted a Halloween themed disco for the kids. It was two hours of non stop howling fun. Including apple bobbing, homemade lemonade and gingerbread cookies. Completed with hotdogs and watermelon slices.

The parents of a transition student organised the disco. While another family provided some glow sticks and novelty toys. A group of wonderful mums, as well as a few dads, all pulled together to prepare and then serve all the food and drink.

While the effort wore me out a little and the noise and people weren't exactly my idea of fun it was great to see the kids have such a fab time in a lovely safe environment. A good strong supportive school community provides such a wonderful environment for society.

My heart also swelled to see everyone come together and share in the good times. Not to mention the old fashionedness of it all. As lovely as progress is, sometimes it is nice to take a step back in time and appreciate the simple. Last night was one of those times.

Thanks to this rather special community I also got the pleasure of meeting Ernie Dingo the other day as well.

He stopped by to check out our community garden. It is pretty awesome I must admit. These mums (and again a few dads) have done a superb job and driving this little project. One that only a few short years ago seemed nothing more than pipeline dream.

This year for father's day there was enough basil harvested that we were able to make pesto and sell it as gifts for dad. In fact each fortnight there is produce for sale at assembly. All just so so awesome I tell. Especially when you see the faces of the kids when they spend time out there. Each class got the chance to make the pesto and then eat it.

Even Ernie got to sample some of the pesto. Served on our environmentally friendly disposable plates - fresh banana leaves. It is fast becoming a favourite amongst many of the students.

Do you know how great it is watching kids going from oh no I don't like stuff like that (fresh homemade pesto) to yum that is the best thing ever?

Pretty great let me tell you.

Made only greater by the fact it is the direct result of a beautiful community spirit that just seems to grow from strength to strength. It is amazing what people, both men and women, can achieve when they want to.

When minds align and opinions are both heard and valued everyone is left feeling like a winner. And as we all know winners are grinners and the more grinning we can create in these tough days the better. I am thankful that the school community promotes all these things.

The online communities found via the likes of Thankful Thursday and Flog Your Blog Friday (both of which this post is joining in with) are also pretty amazing ones that I am pleased to feel a part of


  1. I was just saying on another post how my little community which is still fairly new, has been an absolute lifesaver for me both in caring for my daughter and emotionally for myself. Itsmamgivingnand receiving thing and I love doing both - taking another poppet to school or having a school mum mind my poppet so I can go out. It's a rich tapestry of hearts weaving together to make the fabric of life strong and colorful (sorry is that sounds too gushy) but i guess it's true. Without it I would be quite lost.

  2. We have recently moved into an area that we love. There is a real sense of community here too which reminds me of where I grew up. Congratulations on the garden and for impressing your guest (and more importantly, impressing the kids).

  3. I love the Halloween disco theme! Wish our school would do something like that, but maybe because its Catholic they frown upon it?

    School communities that are strong and supportive are so important to our little ones and to us as adults. With a child 1 year away from high school, where the community feeling is definitely less, I think I will truly miss this special primary school community (maybe I should try to appreciate it a little more than I have of late?).

    Thanks for sharing, ANNIE
    (found you via FYBF!)

  4. Communities are great when you can find ones that work for you. Right now I am loving the online community I have found.
    Sorry to hear you are going to be mom to a middle school child - think how you feel being mom to a third year uni student !!!!
    Have the best day !

  5. What a cool visitor to have! I love Ernie, he is so down to earth. Fresh pesto sounds delish!

  6. What an uplifting post, Rhianna! I never really understood the importance of "community" until I became a mum and was so grateful for the support of our neighbours and others close by. And then there is of course, the on-line community. Extremely grateful for that!

  7. Love this post Rhianna . I've met Ernie Dingo too and he is one charming fellow who makes everyone laugh.
    Community is so important in real life and your school community sounds amazing . Online communities rock too.

  8. A community garden is such a great idea, what a fabulous and productive way to bring people together. And then you get the eat the produce! Perfect!


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