Friday, January 6

Flashback Friday - Something Different

Right now I feel cooler than cool and not just because I am snuggled up still in bed in air conditioned bliss. Well ok that is some of it. The rest of my coolness is attributed to all the lovely things I have been doing on my iPhone while chilling in the air con. I still can't believe that there was a point in time where I thought little of the electronic fruit that has pretty much shaped technology as we know it.

For while I am in my iPhone DD3 is playing on the iPad and when I finally manage to drag myself away from the comfort that is still being in bed at 9.30 I will go and finish this post on my beloved Mac. Yes, I heart Apple. A lot.

Though this is not meant to be a post dedicated to my love of apple. Instead I wanted to just take some time out and write. I have worked hard all week on being organized and writing regularly, actually daily, which has been a lovely start to the year but the posts have all been linking up ones which I feel at times limits what I write. Well maybe limits is a bit strong bit it does create a bit of extra pressure.

You see when I link up I know that those post will be read. When I just do a random little installment that has the sole purpose of meeting my egoistical needs of feeling like a writer I generally publish it at a rather obscure hour which is likely to not be seen by anyone.  Yep I know when the blogging witching hour is to ensure posts never get read.  My first two years of blogging are testament to that.

However today that is different.  Today I am linking up with the recently discovered


and her


As I discovered last night on Twitter my Thankful Thursday post from yesterday was featured in the Chasing Joy Daily  So you can only imagine my excitement when I find out there is a flashback link up.  I was only whinging yesterday to Diary of a SAHM how I had so many unread posts that in my honest opinion were awesome.  Thanks to Joy, problem solved.

So after much rereading and old post scouring I finally decided what I would share.  It is something from the deepest darkest depths of my vaults.  Should you take the time to click on the link you could very well be the first person to ever read those words (aside from myself of course) because according to stats counter that page has never before been viewed!