Tuesday, January 3

Ten Things Tuesday - Discovering the year that was 2011

I was over at Gemma's Big Nutshell catching up with her latest post.  She has been busy watering her grass and renovating.  Which is lovely for her fibro establishment but not so for bloggy readers who can't wait to hear more of the fun and giggles of a modern Aussie mum just trying to give it the best she can.

Anyway I was more than super excited to update my reader and see her latest installment especially after it turned out to be all about the things she had discovered during the year.  The best part about it all is that it is a themed link up with Lee over at Mummy Issues: Part Two.

Mummy Issues

Here are ten of the discoveries that I have made this year.

  1. This year I discovered a few exciting technological advancements that the rest of the world was already clicked on to.  Things such as Twitter and having a Facebook Page for my blog were very exciting discoveries at the time.  As was Pinterest.  Of course the true benefit, of these discoveries can at times be questionable.  And don't tell anyone but I am still not really sure how Pinterest works or is best used.
  2. Instagram was also a wonderful discovery.  In fact Instagram is such a wonderful discovery it gets to be mentioned in a point all of it's own.  Thanks to this little beauty of an app I can happily believe there is hope for me as a photographer.
    This is my twinkly magical garden, built lovingly by hubs
  3. Last year (being 2010) I began to discover the wonder that is being an Apple owner with the transition to a Mac.  This year I progressed even further with the acquisition of a second hand 3G iPhone.  Added to the odd play on hub's iPad and needless to say I have well and truly discovered a love for all things Apple.  The world at large was saddened greatly to discover the death of Apple co founder Steve Jobs in October.
  4. Thankfully I did not have to discover the death of anyone I personally knew.  I can not tell you how nice that was.  Death is such a tricky subject to discuss.  We did discover the death of my my mum's dog and our neighbour's cat.  Oh and the fish.  It felt like we were always discovering dead fish for a while.  In my blog travels I discovered many who had been faced with much worse.  I was in awe many times at how people could get on with living.
  5. Having such lovely shiny pieces of technology, such as Mac, did finally encourage me to write on a slightly more regular basis.  I discovered that if I did actually write people would slowly come.  Discovering great blogs who share bloggy love with wonderful linked up memes and such also aided in the writing department.  
  6. Looking back over past posts for this and a few other end of year wrap ups I was very pleased to discover that there are instances where I did write something that showed promise for my dreams of being an acclaimed writer.  Though I would also settle for award winning...
  7. I guess my biggest discovery for the year (and perhaps it should have gone first but oh well it's late and I just want it done, now where was I...) was blogging.  In many ways it was only in 2011 that I really discovered blogging and all it entails.  Before 2011 I had not even really dabbled in blogging.  Sure I had been writing on the Internet, but they were what I considered at the time as serious articles.  And yes I had a blog as such but it was nothing like it is now so to me, by no stretch of the imagination was I a blogger.  Even now I could only really describe myself as a novice blogger.  Which is fine as you get out what you put in and all that.
  8. Regardless though of what type of blogger I am, through my discovery of blogging I have seen a side to human nature that I thought was on the verge of extinction.  The blogosphere is full of caring, compassionate people.  Which is lucky because it is also rife with heartbreak and despair.  The attitude of people is amazing, in many ways, and for the most part it is all understanding and each to their own.  A reflection of life that somehow seems more personal, despite people still being strangers.  This may well have been one of my most favourite discoveries for the year.
  9. Looking back at all the new things that the children discovered I am reminded about our responsibilities as parents to educate and create learners out of our children.  There is no point having a smart child if they are not interested in using what is available to them.  Towards the end of the year I discovered I need to awake the learner in DD1.  You know that life long learner that propels us to keep searching for new things, more information.  The inner learner that leads to bigger and better.  The same inner learner I need to ignite and keep alive within myself.
  10. For me 2011 was the year of trying.  Trying my best, trying new things, just trying it all and in every sense.  Looking back all I can say is that maybe I still need to keep trying.  I did discover that if I try, even a little, things will happen.  
So as I head of into 2012 I am cautiously confident that if I keep on trying and making it matter, there will be many more wonderful discoveries.  Make sure you stop by Mummy Issues: Part 2 and see what others discovered in 2011

Oh wait, what's this? It is Tuesday and I have Ten Things?  
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