Sunday, January 22

Could this day get any better?

Before ten o'clock this morning I think I had asked myself this at least a dozen times. By lunch time that number had possibly tripled and I shudder to think what it will be like by bed time.

Today is the last day of our holiday. Our week of bliss is coming to an end as we are slowly preparing to return home to the normality of life. Hubs and I stayed up a little late last night in a bid to be packed and ready to face the morning as stress free as possible. We may also have has one drink to many resulting in a slightly fuzzy head this morning. Though there is a chance that the fuzziness is a result of children disturbing me in my very short night's sleep.

The day got off to a cracking start when the eldest woke us all with screams of her arm being stuck between the wall and the bed. She is prime to being dramatic at times. Actually this wasn't technically the start to the day. That was not long after day break when almost fell our of bed due to the middle child deciding she needed to spread out in my bed. Desperate for just a little long in the land of Z's I went to her bed which meant I was up close and personal for the earlier mentioned arm incident.

From here I discovered the arrival of the red dragon. Nice. On the upside no babies this month.

As per the norm for paid accommodation check out time was 10am. The only real problem with that is our plane does not leave until nearly 8pm. Amusing three worn out children while lugging around some eight bags of clothing is not really my idea of fun. Thankfully my sister took care of the bags but her one bedroom apartment is no place to entertain the fore mentioned children. Especially given the fact that a two week old baby also resides there.

For Christmas we were given a voucher to a local restaurant, which we had not yet found time to use. We thought that going to breakfast would take care of most of the morning once we checked out. Which it did, only it was not really the relaxing Sunday brunch I had been expecting. Turns out the place was a little more upmarket than what we are used to. It was also extremely busy. Naturally we hadn't booked.

The waiter kindly offered us a seat while we waited for a table to become available. After a few minutes he came and offered us a coffee and I started to settle myself in for a bit of a wait. The girls are not fussy so much as particular and if they are going out for breakfast the only thing they want is pancakes. You can imagine the disappointment when pancakes are nowhere to be seen on the fancy schmancy menu. Thankfully the waitress alleviated our fears when she mentioned a special kids menu. Of course things quickly went downhill again when the littlest one knocked her strawberry milkshake all over the place.

Now I now that these are all classic first world problems that really aren't worthy of complaint but I am tired and I want to go home. Actually I want to just click my heels three times and be home. The holiday has been great and we are incredibly lucky to be able to have such a holiday but today feels like limbo. We have no car and public transport is tricky on a Sunday and we are all exhausted from too much fun. Tough life I know.