Monday, January 16

Me & YOU - What is Making it Matter all about?

You may have noticed that over the last few weeks I have been banging in about Making it Matter.  Essentially this is my mantra for 2012.

You see for way too long I have let things slide.  I have been happy to live a footloose and fancy free type of life.   One where house work and a whole range of other boring and mundane essential parts of life where ignored for as long as possible.

You see all I really did was stop things from mattering.  It did bother me if the dishes weren't done.  To me it didn't matter if clothes stayed on the line for days at a time and then took nearly a week to actually get it to the cupboard. After all, clothes will only be worn again, which then only result in them needing to be washed again. One of life's true bitter circles.

Last week my challenge was to declutter my house and boy did it feel good.  Thanks to hubs having the week off we, and by that I mean him, got a whole heap of crap cleaned up. Hubs did a great job in keeping me focused and on track. He also brought out the ruthlessness in me and managed to convince me to part with my beloved junk.

Unfortunately I did not think of counting just how many bags of crap we expelled until we had nearly finished, but from hubs and mine guesstamics we are thinking a ball park figure of over 20.  Which is pretty impressive. Some of the stuff went straight to the dump shop while others really were only good for compost. There were also quite a few bags that were good enough for the op shop.

In all seriousness those close to me are greatly concerned of the very real possibility of my possible appearance on that TV show about hoarders. Not that I am that bad yet but unless I take hold and start letting things go now I could very well be there in the future.

For now though my house is awesome. It is looking better than it ever has. Some parts of it even look like they could appear in magazine shoot. It is (for the most part) clear of clutter, junk and general rubbish. There are a few little hidden pockets that will be need to be dealt with over the coming weeks but it is all much more manageable than what it once was. Actually I think it is currently much more manageable than ever before.

For this week the things that will matter are having fun. And lots of it. We are currently on holidays and having a blast. The weather hasn't played along as well as it could but it hasn't been bad enough to really complain about.

As always on a Monday I am joining in with The Mother Experiment's Me & YOU link up. A supportive and caring place to work on being a better you. Head over and see what everyone else is up to this week