Monday, January 30

Me & YOU Monday - Starting To Get Serious...well sort of

Last week was the last week of the school holidays so rather than set myself too many overwhelming goals all that was meant to matter last week was family time. Sounds easy enough really but sadly I think in some ways I failed this week. Given that we've just returned back from holiday altogether family time is something we've been enjoying quite a lot of lately. I had thought that would've been easy to just continue on with the good vibes that carried us through the holiday. Only once we returned home the dynamics had changed and those good vibes were slightly harder to find.

As much as holidays are fun they are also tiring. Especially for children who need to adjust to the joys of daylight saving and a summertime that sees the sun still up at 9 o'clock. Their poor little body clocks and no sooner worked it out and it was time to come on home. With an early check out time and delayed flights and a nearly midnight arrival home time the first few days home left us all feeling exhausted.

With mass exhausting and the down after the highs of holidays tension is easily found. Near on cyclonic winds and constant rain has not really helped either. Combine that with hub's pressure to keep the house in the immaculate condition he predominantly created and life has not exactly been rosy,

It is not all doom and gloom though. There were times when we were able to really enjoy some quality family time together. Times when we just grabbed the scooters and hit the road, well the footpath. Getting out and being active is always a sure fire way to bring us together. The plan is to actually make time every afternoon for family exercise. It may have taken five years but we have finally found a nice little loop around the neighborhood and if all goes according to plan we should be able to fit said loop in before dinner once hub's returns home from work.

Tomorrow sees the return of school. Hubs went back to work today and life is now officially back to normal. To tell you the truth I am trying not to be overwhelmed by it all. There is no doubt that the house is only looking as awesome as it is because of all the work that hubs did. He was the driving force behind it all. Only he can't be expected to maintain the house and earn all the money and I can't earn the money that he does, so that leaves me with the house.

(deep breath)

Deep down I know I can do this, it is just a matter of getting to deep down. At the moment I am more at the think I can stage more than the know I can stage. Baby steps I guess.  One step at a time and just keep on stepping.

Mind you when you read the list of possible tasks for this week it looks like anything but baby steps

In no particular order

  • Kids washed dressed and fed ready for school departure at 8am
  • Lunches for hubs and kids made in advance so as to avoid mad morning rushes
  • Beds made before slept in
  • Current levels of tidiness maintained, if not increased
  • 6.30 Dinner
  • 7.30 Bed time
  • 5.30 Wake time for me to allow for morning exercise (maybe not every morning but 3 mornings would be nice)
  • Limit electronic time
  • Blog regularly
  • Afternoon scooter with kidlets and dog (may alternate with swim or trip to park)
Oh my goodness I better stop now before I hyperventilate.

You see in between all of that I want to get my Martha Stewart on and bake a heap of goodies, as well as catch up with some mummy friends and plan with Jess how we can take over the blogging world.  Or at least the local chapter.  All the while guiding and nurturing the girls to be the very best they can be and ensuring the same for myself.  Sounds easy enough... doesn't it?

Oh and I must clean out the car.  I know I said I would do it last week but it was raining.  Well every time I thought of it, it was raining.  Which was lovely in many ways, but not in the clean the inside of your car way.

So this week I am sad to say that I am not linking this up with my dear friend Karlee over at The Mother Experiment because she is no longer the host.  Instead I am super pleased to be saying come on over and join in here!  With me!  The new (and a little bit chuffed) host.

Karlee once again thanks for starting such a wonderful meme.  It really has helped change my life.  
I feel honoured that you asked me to help it live longer.

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