Monday, January 23

Me & YOU Monday. On Tuesday.

Yep that's right I'm a day late with my post for Karlee's awesome link up to help us all focus on finding ways that make our life as a whole just a little better.  Thankfully for Me (& YOU) is that the link is open all week so there is still plenty of time to join in.

Regular readers will know that I generally use this space to talk about Making things Matter.  Last week I started to explain what it was all about.  To be truthful I wasn't completely happy with the way it all came out.  I even questioned whether I should have posted.  Even though I was on holiday, there were still some things that just couldn't stop mattering and blogging was one of them.  You see blogging makes me feel good and since holidays are all about doing that which feels good...

I still struggle at times deciding exactly what it is I need to make matter.  Because let's face it the list of things that matter in life is endless.  And ever changing.  But then rarely are good things stagnant.

One of the reasons I am late (according only to me) in getting this post out is because I was busy making things other than blogging matter.  Things like unpacking, feeding the masses and beginning the mammoth task of conquering the Mt Washmore that is created with the frivolities of holidays.

There were also fun things like looking through some 700 photos of our week away.  Yep you read right 700.  Just under 100 a day.  Not too bad when you consider it is shared between two iphones and a DSLR (gee I just felt like a name dropper)  Fingers crossed I will have some ready to share on Wednesday.

Hubs recently made a comment about my filing, or rather lack there of, in Mac's iPhoto app.  Since he may have had a valid point, I have spent much of the evening trying to create sense among the thousands of photos which I have stored in a bid to preserve ever lasting memories.  If I had taken the time to make a to do list I am sure somewhere this would have been on it.

There is still one week of the school holidays left.  Hubs returns to work next week.  With the public holiday on Thursday, school shopping, a birthday celebration for a friend, catching up with friends and whatever else pops up along the way I am sure the week is going to fly by.  Much to my disappointment.  I am not ready for this time to end yet.

I am still in a little holiday bubble and I don't want it to burst yet.  I think I under estimated just how run down I was.  I am not sure I am fully rejuvenated yet.  I am not sure I want to go back to all day with out hubs around.  I love it when we are around each other all the time.  Having an extra pair of hands and sometimes even just ears with the girls can be a wonderful blessing at times.  Plus it is so nice for the girls to have their dad around as well.

I digress though.

Well not really.  Because that is what is going to Matter this week.
The time we spend together as a family.  
I want us to continue to enjoy the wonderful time we had on holiday.  Where worries slipped on by and we just enjoyed what we had.  At least for a little bit longer.  Since the house is in such a wonderful order at the moment thanks to all our hard work before we left, it only seems right that we spend some more time having fun.

There are a heap of things I want to get done blogging wise but I am not going to put too much pressure on myself for that at the moment.  Blogging occurs best when the house is in harmony.  Well at least that is how blogging works best for me.  Of course harmony occurs most when sleep is had which means I should possibly consider whether I should be here right now or not.  The ever constant juggling act of life I guess.

There is one thing though that I must make matter this week and that is the state of the car.  It should have been done before we went away but we simply ran out of time.  I promised hubs that I would try and stay on top of this in the future.  As the second biggest asset we have, it should be well looked after.

So that is what will matter for me this week.  Family time and clean car.  What about you?  Got something you want to change niggling away at you?  Being a mum can be isolating and hard.  Let's help each other change.  Together we can.  Head here for more

Oh and since it is now Tuesday, and I am blogging, I am linking up with the lovely Jess over at Diary of a SAHM for