Monday, January 2

Me & YOU - Making it Matter

Welcome, welcome welcome.

It is wonderful to be here and I am so pleased that you have decided to join me on my journey through the year that will be 2012.  Having recently finished the year that was 2011 with a few personal highs I am confident that bigger and better things are just around the corner.  Particularly if I knuckle down and try to get things done.

As I mentioned I felt I left 2011 more up than down.  I know many people who have had a horrific year and are more than pleased to see the end of it.  I am not one of those people.  For me 2011 was a year of minor discovery.  Discoveries that helped me to become a better person.  Discoveries that have slowly led to my house and life becoming just a tiny bit more organised and together.

One of my favourite discoveries of last year is The Mother Experiment's Me & YOU.  I am fairly sure that the discoveries I spoke of above are a result of partaking in this linky.  (Here for more info)

While many bloggers, and people at large actually, have all come out in the last day or so and shared their plans, hopes and goals for the coming year sadly, I am not one of them.  Well at least not yet.  But that's ok because what I do have is my motto.  Well that and the fact that I know each day is a new beginning

Last year, was the year of trying.

This year is the year to Make it Matter.

You see the other day while I was idly tidying up it dawned on me.  It is all the little things that matter.  If I look after the little things then the bigger picture will take care of the rest.  Little things like folding the washing as I get it in will make it easier to put it away as soon as I take it inside.

Now previously I thought it didn't matter if the clothes never made it to the cupboard from the washing line.  And that is where I was wrong.  See if you want to wear clothes that are free from wrinkles (as my husband's boss likes his workers clothes) then it is best to get them in the cupboard ASAP as opposed to sitting scrunched up in a basket for days on end.

The old 2011 me, thought that it didn't matter how many chocolates I ate at night.  The new 2012 me knows that every single chocolate does matter.  Everyone of those delicious little treats matters to my ever expanding waste line.  Just like the old me thought it didn't matter how much sleep I did or rather did not get.  The making it matter me knows that it does matter (quite a lot actually) to get enough quality sleep.

Lots of tiny little things that never used to matter are all going to come together and make for the most awesome year ever.

Having said all of that though there is a bit of a but.

January is a bit of a busy month for me.  What with hubs having three weeks off to join in the fun that is school holidays and our impending trip to Sydney.  I am really really hesitant to set out a long list of goals.  Hubs and I have already discussed plans for a major cull of crap as soon as his leave starts.  Which will be lovely.  It is great when he gets in and helps me clear out as he is somewhat ruthless compared to the hoarder in me.

So here is what is going to matter for this week

Sleep - lots of good quality and regular sleep to feel refreshed, recharged and ready to go
Staying on top of the regulars (washing, dishes, etc)
Being present and having fun
Not wasting time online

Simple I know but that is where the best things start.  Make sure you stop by next week to see how I went.  Hopefully by then there will be a few other changes to check out as well.

Wanna make a change in your life? Want a caring, supportive  place to share your journey?
Head on over to TME and join on in.