Monday, January 9

Me & YOU - Making it Matter, Wk 2

As I wipe the sleep out of my eyes I am torn between writing another awesome blog post or doing the dishes.  Yes I said torn, and yes I meant it.  You see part of my mantra for 2012 is all about making it matter.  Which, if you know me personally, you will know is a pretty big change of direction.  Actually it is so much of a change it is like a complete turn around.

For the past however many years I have done a superbly wonderful job of letting things not matter.  It didn't matter if the washing got done today, eventually it would.  It didn't matter if the dishes waited till, I was ready, which may well be a good twenty four hours after they used.  So many little things just didn't matter.  I was beyond carefree.

Which is nice in a way-to-relaxed kind of way.  Though at times I feel that relaxed is just a very polite way of saying lazy.  With that in mind I am setting out to cure my insatiable desire to do nothing and instead make things matter.

I am so dedicated to the cause I even went and made myself a cute little button, because as well all know I just love buttons.  I am not sure I made it the same way a proper button maker would but for now it will work just fine for me.

For the most part my Making it Matter posts will be what I link up with The Mother Experiment's Me & YOU Monday.  If it weren't for Me & YOU I can't help but wonder if I ever would have made it realising the importance of making it matter.  If there is something in your life you want to change or make matter come and share the journey.  You will be amazed at the effect it will have just by having it out there.

Last week I chose four things to make matter.  Good quality and regular sleep, staying on top of the regular household chores, being present, having fun and not wasting time online.  For the most I did a pretty good job of making these things matter.  I did still waste a little time but not nearly as much as once before and a girls gotta take time out somehow.

Just between you and me I have almost enjoyed doing a load of washing a day.  I have kept it to only the one and it has always been put away as soon as it comes in and it has all been so easy.  Of course as I write this I actually am slipping behind just slightly but as it is still fairly early there is plenty of time for that to be rectified.  On the upside though those dishes I mentioned at the start of the post no longer need doing.

One thing I have noticed as well is that by regularly doing just a little here and there I can actually start to notice a difference which naturally only inspires me to do more.

This week is hub's first week of holidays.  We had planned to do a massive declutter.   It all sounded so lovely a great big clean out to start the year with.   Of course having adventure's every day outside the house would also be great.  I guess this is that precarious balance of life that first world life is full of.

Whether I like to admit it or not there is too much crap laying around here.  Pure and simple.  There is no need for it all to be taking up precious space in my already busting at the seams little town house.  It needs to be gone through and I may as well take advantage of hubs being able to lend a hand.  He is less attached to the rubbish than I so it is always quicker and easier when he helps.  I tried to convince myself that I would do it when the girls go back to school but realised I was probably kidding myself.

So for this week that is what will matter.  Cleaning out the clutter.  As well the Constants.  As the name suggests they are things that constantly need to matter.  There is too many to type out as often as I think they will be mentioned so it is best if they just get all grouped together.  In a nutshell though constants are things like, exercise, washing, dishes, writing, being present, having fun, and the like.  The daily little things that I want to matter each and every day.

Next week we will be visiting my sister interstate, which I am more than a little excited about.  We will be gone for 8 glorious days.  I am hoping to have a heap of scheduled posts all ready to roll but only time will tell if that goes to plan.  Thankfully for Me & YOU readers though I have that post already sorted.  Over the next few weeks I will be concentrating on going into more detail about what Making it Matter is all about.

For now though head on over to The Mother Experiment and see what everyone else is up to this week.  Then make sure you pop back next week to see how it all went.  And hey don't forget you can always join in too.  The more the merrier.