Saturday, January 14

Kicking Back

Well here I am at my seaside retreat and let me tell you life is wonderful. Actually it is more than wonderful. My new nephew is just divine. A perfect little bundle that I could just hold forever. One that makes me even sadder about sister's true love decision to move some four thousand kilometers away from me.

I do sort of understand her attraction to the place though. This was taken from my balcony earlier today

Not to mention our new found friends
Well there is only one in the photo but at one point there were four sitting on the balcony railing and that was before we thought feeding them would be fun. Cockatoos are pretty much my dream pet bird so having them willingly come and have a chat is just awesome.

Actually before I go to much further I would just like to say that this post is thanks to the wonders of my phone so I am not really sure whether the photos are going where I would like them to if I were on my beloved Mac. I also hate the fact that I couldn't take the time to remember how to do the coding to get this all in italics. Oh well thems the breaks some days.

As I mentioned on my Facebook page the earlier today the scheduled posts I expected to have sorted by now did not exactly eventuate. I did momentarily think of beating myself up about this but instead decided to cut myself some slack.

It has been a massive week in our house. Which if you would like to know more about you will need to pop back on Monday. For while I may not have any scheduled posts at this point in time I will not be missing out on another week of the Me & YOU link up. And there is no better place to check out what I have been up to than Me & You.

Even though it is only day one of our holiday I already feel amazingly relaxed. I was going to say that must just be the joy of being by the sea but I realised I am always by the sea. In fact on of the reasons I live where I do is because it is so close to the ocean. I guess it is the whole getting away from things and seeing a different sea that has brought about the instant relaxation.

I have decided that I apart from Me & YOU Monday I will probably forgo my usual link up this week. I can hear the sighs of sadness from here. I will however try and post whenever the mood takes me.

For now though fairy wishes and butterfly kisses to one and all. May life be treating you well