Friday, January 6

Things I Know About Rain

I know that I am glad not to be this lady
but go her for using such eco friendly transport (says the 4WD owner)

I know that if I leave my washing on the line and go out, chances are it will rain.

I know that if I go to the trouble of setting up the undercover washing line and hang my washing there,  it will not rain.

I know that watering the grass will also bring rain, after not watering it for a week without a drop of rain in sight.

I know that after it rains my grass will grow quicker and seed.  Apparently this is because of the nitrate in the rain.

I know that within the next month or so I should expect to see quite a lot of rain.  That is what happens when you live in the tropics in the monsoonal season.

I know that I love the rain.  The smell, the sound, the freshness of it all after it has swept through on a sunny afternoon.

I know that as much as I love the rain I don't think I want there to be as much as last year.  I don't just mean here either.

I know that i just found a whole blog post with 35 brilliant examples of rain.

I know these were my favourites

image credit
image credit
I know that my photos of rain are slightly pale by comparison.

If you look long enough they sorta make a love heart

apparently wing mirror shots are cool, I just don't get how
This was outside my house recently.  Felt very blessed

I know that once again I am pretty excited to be linking up with Kellie over at