Wednesday, November 2

Hello...Hello...Is anyone there?

I am sure that is what people stopping by have been calling out as they swing by here.  I have been somewhat AWOL of late.  Did you miss me?  Never mind I shouldn't have asked as I will only get all emotional when no one responds.  (Yep that's right I am suffering from comment rejection, though it is nice to know I am not alone)

Yep that's right people I have been too busy riding the emotional roller coaster of rejection and lower than low self confidence.  Not exactly a fun ride and one that I am more than ready to jump off.  Actually if it were possible I would send my ticket back for a refund.  However an incredibly slow internet connection has also kept me away.  I took pages taking longer than three minutes to load as a sign of me not meant to be at the computer.

But enough of the wallowing in self pity and feeling sorry for myself.  Yesterday was the first day of November and that brings with it many many things, all of which are pretty exciting for me.

The first thing to come with the first of the month was the race that stops the nation.  Now even though I have am not a Melbournian, nor do I ever really want to be, I do love the Melbourne Cup.  One day, in my bestest and prettiest frock I will be there living it up.  One day.  In the mean time I spend the day hanging with my mum (and this year due to sickness all three kidlets) watching the TV coverage, eating some of the yummiest food ever while sipping exotic champagne concoctions.  This year that concoction had strawberry puree, grand mariner and a sugar cube in it.  Yum yum yum.  I did think about getting photo of it but since my card reader is cactus my camera is out of action.  Much to my disappointment and frustration.  I did however use my phone to capture this gem for WW.

So what other things come with the start of November?

None other than

Yep you guessed I am going to write me a novel in only a month.  Previous years have seen me sitting up till midnight on October 31st so that I could start writing as soon as the clock ticked over till the 1st.  This year however, thanks to the aforementioned race that stops the nation I didn't.  Actually it was just that, having three sick children and not feeling all that well myself staying up to midnight really wasn't much of an option.

I had planned to get up early and smash out my required daily total but that didn't happen either.  Being a dedicated rather trying to be a dedicated domestic goddess I opted for folding washing, doing dishes and hanging some more washing out. (Go me!)  Anyway by the time we got home and sorted dinner and bed and all that jazz the last thing I felt like doing was starting the worlds next best seller.  While just going to bed would have been easier instead I opted to sit in front of Mac for way to long to produce this little beauty  436 words of pure awesomeness right there.  Only 49564 to go.

Now the start of November was also meant to be the start of this for me as well

NaBloPoMo 2011

Only apparently I may have bitten of more than I can chew.  I had thought that since I would be writing every day anyway that getting a blog post out as well wouldn't have been that much extra but only one day down and the pressure was all a bit much.  Or maybe it was just the champers, a long day and sick kidlets?

Technically I did get my blog post up only it is not there any more.  You see I thought that I would start a new blog over at BlogHer and it would be where my novel would be stored.  Only somehow the stupid in me came out and I didn't create an account at the right place due to a location change and blah blah blah the long and short of it is that after only one day I don't actually have a blog post dated for the 1/11/11 so can not be included for any of the awesome prizes that the red starburst above speaks of. Grrrrrrrr to say the least (because of course I was going to win)

I am still going to try pretty darn hard to get a blog post out every day anyway only I will do it here instead of fussing around with something new when I clearly have enough on my plate anyway.  Though the real reason behind the new blog was because I wanted to make sure I had saved the best seller in as many places a possible.  Sadly my previous NaNoWriMo efforts are no longer with us due to be insufficiently saved.  Live and learn hey?

Now the final exciting thing to get underway yesterday was over at the lovely TME where Karlee is kicking off her Me & YOU Monthly link up.  Regular readers will know that for many weeks now, thanks to Karlee's initiative and the Me & YOU Weekly program I slowly started working towards taming my inner domestic goddess and getting the lazy so and so to do some work.  Only I still don't have my post ready.  I know that after two weeks to prepare you would think I have something but no. This was supposed to be that post but it didn't exactly turn out that way.  So after some lunch, a few errands and a bit more tidying up I will be back with all the details on my goals and hopes (other than the best seller) for the month.