Monday, November 7

Me & YOU Monthly

Now by all rights this post should have been posted last Tuesday.  All ready to link up with The Mother Experiment's new monthly goal post.  Only it wasn't and clearly still isn't.  You would have thought that shortly after posting this I would have made my Me & YOU the next thing I did but again that was not the case.  Instead I eventually got around to giving some thanks and being a know-it-all and then spent all weekend doing anything but actually being in front of the computer.  Which has both good and bad points.  Naturally it is good in that it means I spent lots of time with the family and got lots of other things done.  However since I am trying to write the better part of a novel in thirty days now is not really the best time to walk away from the computer.

Back to some goals though.

Since the inception of Me & YOU, I have really been concentrating on improving my efforts in the housekeeping department.  I am not quite the worlds worst housewife when it comes to cleaning but I am not that far away either.  It may have taken nearly three months and the differences may only be small but I really can feel a difference in both my attitude to these chores and the way I approach them.  Which is great because I have also noticed that the more I do around the house the more others seem to be willing to do as well. (Yes yes I know that is not exactly a ground breaking discovery but it is nice to be able to see).

Naturally though I still have some terrible days, like most of last week, but I don't feel the deflation about it all that I have previously when it all got too much.  I have learnt that by always doing lots of little things, too much or too hard doesn't seem to appear.  I still have quite some ways to go though.  One other thing that I have noticed though is that there are lots of other women other who seem to struggle with various aspects of housekeeping.  It is always nice to know one is not alone.  Thankfully there are super organised people who share lots of tips for people like me.

So what are my goals and areas of improvement for this month?

First cap of the rank naturally goes to NaNoWriMo which I am very far behind on.  After the first week the suggested target total is 11667 (or there abouts)  Yours truly is currently sitting pretty on 597.  Only 11070 behind.  Sounds a lot I know but I have been here before and I know that 50 000 is still very achievable, especially if I got started, like you know, now.

Keeping in mind that I really want to achieve everything that I set out to, I am cautious about adding much more in.  Before I actually got around to this post I was going to list a whole heap of blog post ideas that have been floating in my head but really I doubt this will be the month to get them out.  I had actually planned on posting every day for the month but that went by the wayside when I missed the first day.  Instead I might just try to get a total of twenty posts out.  Which is another fourteen after this one since this will be my sixth for the month.

It goes with out saying that on top of this I will still consciously be thinking about the housework side of life and ensuring that everyday I do what I need to.  However what I will really be concentrating on this month is leading by example (which I think actually warrants a whole post of it's own)

So there you have it.  That is what I will be working through this month.  Make sure you pop back on December 1st to see how it all went.  Of course if you have me bookmarked or are a follower you would never miss a post.  I have am also on Twitter and Facebook in case you didn't know.

How about you? Have something in your life you want to turn around or change?