Thursday, November 3

Headache headache go away

Sitting here trying to think of what I am thankful for and all I can think is my head hurts.  Only it isn't really a headache as such.  I mean my eyes have a dull throbbing sensation pulsating through them which transcends down my nose and across my checks.  Something similar can be felt behind my ears and right at the very top of my head.

Only I didn't really come here to sit and grumble about a headache that I have probably over exaggerated because after yet another long hot day that followed yet another night of broken and disturbed sleep, I am just a little grumbly.  Instead what brought me here was the delightful link up hosted by Kate Says Stuff, you know the one

Part of me is sitting here going yes but really what do I have to be thankful about?  I have a headache, I am tired, hot, sticky and longing for more than 40 minutes sleep at a time.  Due to being under the weather all three girls have been taking it in turns to wake up at various times throughout the night ensuring that I am up and down like a yo-yo all night long.  Of course now was perhaps not the best time to decide that only the baby may co sleep but I can't help but wonder when will be and since it is so ridiculously warm of a night at the moment the fewer bodies in bed the better.

So with two minutes left of this Thursday, what am I thankful for?

Firstly my high speed internet connection.  After it being non existent for around three weeks I can't help but wonder how people get along without it on a regular basis.  Dial up should be banned and if the National Broadband Network is really going to be as awesome as the government would have us believe then they should hurry up and get it out to people as everyone should have a decent internet connection.

However the absence of the awesome internet connection is also something I am a bit thankful for as it meant I have been spending quite a bit of time away from Mac and doing stuff in the real world instead of wasting hours on mindless games.

I am also thankful that even though the only air conditioner in the house is stuck on 27 degrees at least it still goes.  When the outside temperature is 30 degrees it is surprising just how cool 27 can be.  Hopefully in the next few weeks I will be able to say I am thankful for some lovely new air conditioners.  I may not like using them all that often but there are times when they are more than called for when you live in the tropics.

I am thankful that I was able to give the girls the week off school when they weren't well without worrying too much at all about how 'my boss' would react.  Just one of the many joys of being a SAHM.

On the sickness note, I am thankful that we don't have whooping cough.  It has been traveling round the school so when we all started feeling a little unwell I naturally assumed the worst.  I am also thankful that the doctor kindly bulked billed me for two of the four appointments I needed to make in order to test for whooping cough.

Not the most extensive list of thanks I know, but it is late, and hot.  Oh so hot.  Can you imagine what 30 degrees is like.  At midnight.  I kid you not.

So what are you thankful for?  Head on over to Kate's and join in and read some more great thankful posts.

Oh and that's right one more thing I am really really really thankful for.  Blogger and the fact that they now have a little check box you can tick to have links open in a new window!  How sweet is that.  For a while I tried to type the code in myself but as you can imagine it got put in the too hard basket :)