Friday, November 4

Things I Know About Toilet Training

As I sit here I hesitate to say it, but I think that DD3 has said goodbye to nappies.  Which is pretty exciting as chances are pretty good she is our last child so I guess that means I too have said good bye to nappies.  I am a die hard cloth nappy user so saying goodbye to nappies also means saying goodbye to an extra load of washing.  Hence the extra excitement.

The main reason I say I hesitate to say that DD3 is out of nappies is her age.  At 3 days shy of 19 months it is hard to believe that she has the toilet thing all worked out.  Mind you this is on par with the older two as well so I am not overly sure why I am still surprised.

Anyway I have been thinking of writing a 'toilet training' post for quite some time but for a variety of reasons I haven't.  I tend to stay away from topics that are likely to divide people and toilet training can at times be one of those.

So putting that aside here is some of what I know about the ups and downs of toilet training.

  • There will be an accident in a public area (for this reason I will have a spare pair of knickers in my bag and still carry a terry toweling nappy when I go out so I can easily clean up any mess)
  • You can never start too early in making your child toilet aware.  In our house I bring the potty out when they first start walking.  Which for us was pretty much around the 12 month stage.  Though I must admit I did a try a couple of times with DD3 from the time she could sit unassisted.  We are a pretty open door kind of house so there is lots of shared toilet time. 
  • You shouldn't feel pressured to start toilet awareness just because you know someone who started at a younger age.  As with all aspects of parenting you need to work out what will work and suit your family and situation
  • Don't pressure your child to use the toilet, they will use it when they are ready and there is no point turning it into a power struggle.
  • Talking about wees and poohs when you change nappies, even from birth does make a difference.  Babies take in much more than most people give them credit for.  Always try and have a positive association about soiled nappies.
  • Praise works wonders.  So does a song and dance.  Ours goes a little like this 
Wees in the potty, wees in the potty
I like it a lotty,
Oh yeah oh yeah
Wees in the potty          Very original I know but it works for us.  We also do a few high fives and lots of cuddles and kisses and then proceed to tell everyone nearby just how clever she is
  • Target, seems to be the only place I can find knickers small enough to fit her little bottom.  I had no idea there was so much variance in size 2-3, I guess that is the way it is with all clothes these days.
So that is some of what I know about toilet training.  I do also know that I am pretty dam stoked to think that we have moved on from nappies.  While it does mean that my baby is growing and possibly more toddler than baby now, I am incredibly proud and pleased with our efforts.  I say ours as there is still lots of reminding and asking whether she wants to go but that is ok.

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