Thursday, November 10

Being thankful for a very important person

This is actually over a week old by the time I got around to being happy enough to push publish.  Never mind though, life is just like that sometimes

Yes that's right it is Thursday once more and therefore time to give a little thanks.  Actually truth be told we should all go out of our way to be thankful for something each and every day, which most days I do.  Having said that though one can never be too thankful so perhaps I will try and be a little more conscious of it throughout the week.

Back to now being Thursday though and it being time to give thanks with Kate

Earlier on in the week when I started thinking about this post I thought that I would give thanks to all the great blog posts that I had come across.  There were some beauties I tell you.  It almost feels like this is inspiration week this week, as that is how I have felt as I have flittered around the blogosphere the last few days.

Daisy inspired me to think about increasing the levels of intimacy with hubs.  Jess inspired me to find just that little bit of extra patience when I needed it by reminding me that children need to be taught everything from an early age.  Karlee inspired me to push outside my boundaries when she shared what it is like to be indecisive.  (Her monthly link up is also slightly inspiring).

For all of these wonderful posts (and a few more) I am thankful for, as they reminded me I am not really alone.  My situation may be unique to me in some ways but in many others I am discovering others may actually share something similar.  Which is kinda nice.  Old Hugh got it right when he requoted No man is an island.  In my mind neither is a woman.

Only now that it is all written out it doesn't look like much of post.  Plus as I actually sat down to write I realised there was actually a particular person who I want to give a whole truck load of thanks for.

This wonderful woman spends countless hours tiring over things like washing clothes, preparing food, cleaning anything and everything (you know like the dishes, bathrooms, floors etc)  Sure at times they might not be perfect at it but she continually gives it a go.  Every single day she gets up and makes sure that the lives of four other people are running as smoothly as possible for the given .  All of whom always have clean clothes (somehow) and relatively full tummies (well apart from just before meal time and apparently there is always room for junk).

I am thankful that when it comes to her family.  
She never gives up. 
I am thankful that even on days when it feels too hard or pointless. 
She still somehow finds a way to soldier on.  
Even when under the weather she still manages to do most of what needs to be done (well all the important stuff).  
Somehow, even when she may be overwhelmed with anger or  frustration or just pure exhaustion she somehow find a way to carry on.  
And that is something to be very thankful for.

For her strength and courage and determination, even when it falters, 
I am thankful
For her ability to stay calm, see reason and think clearly when need be, 
I am thankful
For her smile, her laughter, her caring soul and tender nature 
(even if they do cause some pain at times), 
I am thankful
For her ability to always look for the good, regardless of where it will be found, 
I am thankful
For me and all that I am and all that I have,
I am thankful

Do you ever stop to be thankful for you and all you do?  Do you think that as mothers or even just people it is important to be thankful for yourself?

Share below in the comments and then head over to find out all the other wonderful things people are thankful for.