Thursday, November 17

Things aren't always all they are cracked up to be. That I know.

I know that it feels like forever since I have actually managed to publish a post and even longer since I last linked up with
  for her Friday fun that is

Frankly I don't really feel like I know a lot.  Naturally though I know that is not the case.  I actually know lots it is just a matter of tapping in and finding a way to share it all.  Or even some of it for that matter.

In some ways it has been a bit of a tough couple of weeks for me.  In many though I know I don't really have much to complain about.  There are people out there who have real problems and while I know everything is relative I would much rather tell myself I have lots to be happy for so quit complaining.

Having said that though I know I am just about to go and complain for just a little, but not too much, I promise.

As I sit here I know I have three other posts all patiently waiting for my attention.  The first was supposed to be a link up with Sif who regularly shares 10 Things on a Tuesday.  In the spirit of November I had was going to list ten possible story ideas.  I got to five before it got too hard.  Needless to say NaNoWriMo is not going well for me... (This post is also now up leaving only one more to be done)

The next was meant to link up it Kate and share what I was thankful for.  Which at that point in time was some awesome blog posts.  Though I had actually been hoping for a smart and funny way to actually say I was thankful for myself.  There are some parts of this post that I think are just awesome and it would be a shame not to share.  (Yay! This post is now up)

Last up is one that starts out discussing the place of logic.  What I really wanted to be discussing was actually a response to a post I had recently read at My Mummy Daze on the similarities between blogging and high school.  Only it never really got that far as I couldn't find a good segue to get me there.  (sigh)

I know that it has been a tough week in the bloggy writing world I live in.  Or don't live in which is a little more appropriate way of describing things of late.  I know that I do love writing so much but there just never seems to be the time.  Or rather the ideas never seem to be there when I have the time.

(deep sigh)

I know that I guess I will just keep plodding along and hope for the best.  Right now the best would simply entail finding the time and words to finish these other posts so I can get started on some more.

What do you know?
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