Thursday, November 24

Thankful Thursday - Spicks & Specks

After seven years and 277 episodes my favourite television show came to an end on Wednesday night.  Tears were shed, not nearly as many as I was expecting but they were still there.  Thankfully those on stage were not as emotional as I expected, which was great as that meant mine were also kept safely in check.  

Now I like to call myself a dedicated fan but that does not mean I have instant recall on who said what on a particular (or any for that matter) night.  What it does mean though is that in terms of being social on a Wednesday night I am not.  Unless of course that being social involves a TV that is screening the ABC.

As sad as it is to be saying good bye to such wonderful Australian viewing there is much to be thankful about.  Like the fact I discovered the show early in it's life so I was able to see as many episodes as possible.  I am also thankful that the ABC agreed to back such a wonderful idea.  I am sure when it was on the drawing board all those years ago that there was someone who thought it was not a great idea.  Little did they know and thank goodness no one listened to them.

I am thankful for all the interesting and unique performers that were given the opportunity to share their talent.  People like 
Who may very well not have achieved the success they have had it not been for Spicks & Specks

Then of course there is

And of course thanks to Spicks & Specks I discovered one of the men I would gladly run away with should he ever ask


So here's cheers to Spicks & Specks and all the awesomeness it has brought to our screens over the years.  Thanks for all the laughs.

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